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Pay Attention to the Construction of Bathroom Waterproof Let Home Without ” Wet “!

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Xiaoxin  Bathroom Headline

In Guangdong there are back to the phenomenon of the south, our home is most afraid of all kinds of moisture, many family bathroom even at this time there is a leakage of water seepage phenomenon, in the final analysis, this is actually the bathroom to do waterproof construction time not tightly led to the consequences. So how can your bathroom say goodbye to the hidden dangers of leaks? Let’s take a look.

Four major construction details should not be taken lightly

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As the saying goes, slow work makes fine work, waterproof construction small details can not be neglected, not in order to rush engineering and ignore some details of waterproof construction. In order to create a refreshing home, you pay more attention to the details of waterproofing construction up.


Good grass-roots treatment

Before waterproof construction, the grass-roots treatment of the wall should be done to ensure that the surface of the grass-roots level is solid, no chalking, peeling, drumming phenomenon. At the same time, the surface of the grass-roots level must be clean, no dust, film stripper and any other debris that affects paint bonding. In addition, the surface should be flat, without big defects, no obvious fill marks.

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Generally, sweep the base surface carefully to remove floating dust, and remove cement caking and loose grass-roots level; special treatment should be carried out on pipe roots, drainage holes, yin and Yang corners, wall water and electricity left after the cave, yin and Yang corners should be wiped into a round arc (or V-shaped). Finished with a brush fine sweeping base surface dust left behind, take the right amount of waterproofing coating diluted to milk-like, with a roller dipped in diluted material to bottom and top, first wall to brush the waterproof surface, do a thorough dusting.


Waterproofing should be applied thoroughly.

After doing a good job at the grass-roots level treatment will start to paint waterproofing coating, pay special attention to waterproofing brush to be comprehensive, for buried water pipes within the wall, to pick chisel larger than the diameter of the groove, the groove plastering, and brush waterproofing coating. Such as renovation changes to the original drainage and sewage pipes and drainage location, be sure to strengthen waterproofing measures in the surrounding area.


Height order to regulate

Generally speaking, the height of waterproofing can be decided according to the need, generally speaking, bathroom waterproofing 180 cm high, non-shower wall waterproofing paint in principle not less than 35 cm. But in order to strengthen the role of waterproofing, it is recommended that unified to 180 cm high. In addition, for toilet and bath room renovation of light walls and self-built light walls, it is recommended that the waterproofing height to the top. Waterproof paint must be brushed to the national acceptance norms of 1.5 mm thick.

Different waterproofing paint construction methods are not the same. But when brushing and general liquid coating is similar, from bottom to top, first wall after brushing. When using, if the slurry has bubbles, need to brush away the bubbles, not the existence of bubbles. The first coat should be painted in one direction only, and the second coat in the opposite direction. The best interval between the first and second brush is about 4-8 hours.


Control the number of times of strength

When brushing, first use brush or roller brush directly on the substrate, the intensity of use evenly, do not miss brush; generally need to brush 2 times (according to the use requirements), the thickness of each brush not more than 1mm; the first slightly dry solid and then the next brush (just do not stick to the hand), before and after the vertical cross brush, brush the total thickness of the general 1-2mm; if the coating has been solidified, brush another layer of water first wet with water.


How to do construction inspection

Safeguard home not “wet” not only pay attention to construction details, the inspection of waterproof construction is also very important to prevent the use of low-quality waterproofing materials, or encounter the construction workers without professional training, making the waterproofing of the house leak-proof effect can not be guaranteed.


Closed water test is necessary

Closed water test is an important work of waterproofing inspection, for the original waterproof layer, through closed water test, you can understand whether the condition of the waterproof layer is intact, whether you need to repair, whether it is necessary to redo the waterproof layer. For new waterproofing layer can be used to check whether the waterproofing construction is qualified. If the water level within the specified time, no significant drop, especially downstairs roof of the household did not leak, waterproofing will do qualified. If acceptance fails, waterproofing project must be redone as a whole, re-acceptance.

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Paint dry and then test

Closed water test must wait until the waterproofing paint is dry to do, first of all, be ready to put the sand into a plastic bag, tightly plugged floor drain, to prevent the water stored out; then the water may be full out of the door blocked with cement; then release water, water to the entire coating of closed water test ground all to be wet, generally put 1cm is enough, if you are afraid to put the water evaporated in the next 48 hours, generally put 2cm; 24-48 hours after the closed water test results can be observed.


Lightweight walls are required to do a water test

Generally speaking, closed water test water height of at least 20cm, at least 24 hours in summer, at least 48 hours in winter, during this period of time to observe whether the water level has dropped significantly, especially downstairs, whether the roof of the house has no leakage, to check whether the waterproof construction is qualified. Lightweight walls shall do water test, with water pipe in the wall top-down uninterrupted spraying for 3 minutes, 4 hours later, observe the other side of the wall whether there will be infiltration phenomenon, if no infiltration can be considered waterproof construction acceptance.


Prevent water pressure too strong damage coatings

To ensure that the waterproofing test can be completed successfully, do waterproofing test to pay attention to the following points: first of all, ground drain must be plugged tightly, if the terrain is the same as to plug the cement at the door, must wait until the cement is dry, then release water; followed by, when the water in the water column in direct contact with the ground where the pad a basin or cover and so on, to prevent water pressure is too strong to damage the paint; best, waterproof coating bags and buckets and bucket cover are useful, bags used to fill sand plugging ground drain, bucket and bucket cover used to pad the ground, prevent water damage waterproof coating.


Do more pre-construction understanding to prevent fraud

Knowledge of waterproofing construction can help us better monitor waterproofing construction, the following small series of waterproofing construction to help you keep in mind waterproofing construction tips, so as to ensure that your home’s waterproofing project qualified.


Waterproof materials and construction methods

The previous methods of waterproofing were grooming, guiding, plugging as well as irrigation and pouting, but nowadays, waterproofing materials are generally used and are the most practical. With waterproofing materials, waterproofing projects in the home mainly for the kitchen and bathroom floors, waterproofing construction materials are mainly three, namely, cement mortar, cold oil, new materials, etc., correspondingly there are also three waterproofing construction methods.


Common waterproof construction methods

Common waterproof construction methods
 Silica gel waterproofing agent methodAsphalt waterproof materialRubber and plastic waterproof material
MaterialAdequate amount of silicone waterproofing agent is added to cement mortar.Cold oil made of bitumen, linoleum, bitumen-rubber coating, oil soda, etc.Waterproof coating made of raw materials such as chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, flexible tireless waterproofing roll material, waterproof membrane, etc.
construction detailsMake a layer of cement mortar waterproofing on the ground about 20 mm thicknessApply cold oil waterproofing on dry ground about 4 mm thickness.Apply multiple coats of fast-setting rubber on dry floors as if it were paint to form a fully sealed, integral waterproofing layer.
AdvantagesCheaper priceOmnivorous with good adhesion, plasticity, water resistance, corrosion resistance and durabilityHigh tensile strength, high elasticity and elongation, good adhesion, water resistance and weather resistance.
DisadvantagesPoor waterproofing effect, has been basically eliminated in the current home furnishingsEasy to cause pollutionComplex and expensive construction process


Extensive breakage requiring redo

After the waterproof layer is done, but also continue construction on top of the tile, often easily cause damage to the waterproof layer, if the damage is not repaired or not found, will cause leakage in the future, so you have to play a protective layer. For the destruction of waterproofing caused by the home renovation process, can be treated in the following manner.

Carefully inspect the leaks. Once the leak is found, fill in around loose openings or cracked opening locations with either plugging king or orifice grout, then waterproof these areas. If the waterproofing is extensively damaged, it is recommended that the waterproofing be redone. When redoing, first choose the right waterproofing materials, try to choose a well-known brand waterproofing materials to ensure quality waterproofing effect. Secondly, correct construction. Recommended construction, consumers try to know more about waterproof construction knowledge.

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Primary and secondary focus on protecting leaking parts

General home improvement will do waterproof construction, among which the bathroom floor must be waterproof; bathroom walls also need to be waterproof, shower walls to do 180 cm, other walls to do 30 cm; In addition, the bathroom leakage site mainly in the root of the water and sewage pipe and the foot of the wall, so these places also need to do 30 cm of waterproof; for those plumbing, grooving damage to the original waterproof layer, to redo the waterproofing; kitchen floor can not do waterproofing.


Summing up:
Bathroom is the most heavy moisture inside the whole home, so its waterproof work is the most important bathroom decoration, especially in spring and summer, if the bathroom has leakage phenomenon, not only will increase the problem of tide, but also easily lead to the bathroom walls, such as cracks and mildew phenomenon.

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