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Internal Structure and Characteristics of Kitchen Faucets

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Internal Structure and Characteristics of Kitchen Faucets

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Faucet, is one of the essential hardware in every family home life, it brings great convenience to our lives. But for many friends, to buy a faucet is a matter of course, will not examine the structure of the faucet and its principle, the following small series for you to introduce the internal structure of the kitchen plumbing faucet.

1. The faucet’s valve core structure

The valve is the hub of the faucet, which determines the quality and service life of the faucet, the general valve core mainly ceramic valve core, ball valve core, stainless steel valve core, etc., with ceramic as the best.

2. The main structure of the faucet

Whether it is an ordinary faucet or a cold and hot water faucet, the main body is the main material is bronze and brass, of course, there is no shortage of material more high-end faucet.

3. The internal structure of the faucet

The internal structure of the hot and cold faucet is mainly connected by the gooseneck tube, flush pipe, sealing ring, under the root box and connect the central tube; hot and cold faucet valve core has hot and cold two holes, and a sealing ring to ensure sealing performance, the valve core mainly control the opening and closing of the two holes, the ceramic plate control its main work.

Faucet is an indispensable thing in the kitchen, so what are its characteristics, in fact, the faucet is also a lot of knowledge, oh, let’s take a look at it.

Rule 1: water saving

The tap blower, which is widely available in the market today, has the benefit of slowing down the flow of water and keeping the discharge flow at 8.3 liters per minute for water saving purposes. Not only do honeycomb flow restrictors allow the water to flow in the form of bubbles, giving the user the impression that there are enough bubbles to make the water flow softer and feel more powerful, but they actually save more water than if there were no bubbles at all. Often, a faucet with a water-saving feature can save nearly 20% on water bills.

Rule 2: Durability

The kitchen faucet is durable, related to the mood of cooking. According to professionals: the faucet is durable surface treatment process is very important, in the pH value close to 3 acidic high temperature environment test, more than 4 hours intact, indicating that the surface treatment process is very tough.

Rule 3: Humanization

The reporter also saw a pull-out kitchen faucet in the market, with column outlet and spray two ways, the button on the top of the shower can be easily converted, easy to clean, and a pull-out 1.5 meters of stainless steel hose, easy to reach where you need it, making cleaning fun.

Rule 4: Easy to clean

Due to Chinese cooking habits, there is a lot of grease in the kitchen, so faucets are prone to oil and water stains, cleaning becomes an annoying problem, and the surface of the faucet tends to lose its luster after repeated cleaning. If the surface treatment is unqualified, you may buy a product in good condition, but after a period of time, the plating will appear discolored and fall off, so it is important to understand the shelf life of the faucet when you buy it, it is understood that it should generally be no less than 3 years, some companies can even provide 5 years of real quality assurance.

Rule 5: Environmental friendliness

Water safety is now taken seriously by many people, and lead levels in water are primarily caused by flushing water through waterways. With the introduction of direct home drinking water in the United States, there are strict “lead requirements” for water quality and for water pipes and faucets. And good faucets are made of fine copper, which is used in the manufacturing process to ensure that every drinking water faucet is environmentally friendly.

Rule 6: Convenience

A good kitchen faucet must work with the sink to show its strengths. Traditional sink drains are annoying to clean regularly because of debris, vegetable foam, tea and other food waste. Decker’s convenient, oversized cage sink drainer increases waste storage for consumers, removes waste at once, and reduces operations.

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