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Intellectual Stability + Bold Avant-Garde, Modern Contemporary Variety Space – Taihe South

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The grey tone of intellectual stability, free and spontaneous local lines, and bold avant-garde visual deconstruction, outline the abstract or realistic spatial context.

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It is the art of reshaping beyond time and space that is modern and contemporary.

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Nowadays, the blend of retro culture and modern atmosphere is no longer so new and different, but the designer gives another expression to interpret this modern and modern face from a different perspective.

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Books, picture books, even the beloved white porcelain mugs and man-shaped moulds are more exquisite on the golden table.

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The seemingly casual and loose configuration gives the space enough spirit and breath.

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To open for hair, to relax for savings, simple without losing strong decoration, and then emphasize the noble texture and luster of the material, light and dark against each other, sharp contrast.

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Large areas of gray marble and crimson cloth collision, intense and deep, solemn and elegant, actually unconsciously let the focus to stay.

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Modern is rebellious, it is also keen to express the dynamic sense of freedom from the constraints of gravity, the interior space of the surface and the line to a certain visual extension of the pull into the diagonal, complete opposition to the traditional construction standards.

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The suspension of the chain pendant lamp is to take advantage of this principle, but the point to the benefit, to create a thrilling psychological experience, to fall but not fall.

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The prevalence of multiculturalism and art stems from the fact that a new generation of social elites are no longer satisfied with a single style, they are eager to express their attitude to life and establish their own way of life.

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They are eager to express their own attitude to life and establish their own way of living. Whether it is the white plush rushes or the Napoleon paintings in simple brush colors, they all try to portray the life and spiritual pursuit of modern people through the collision and interweaving of the ideological heritage of the European Revolution and modern civilization.

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The design of the bedroom continues the intention of the living room, from the wall to the soft furnishings, the light color is dominant, the combination of different gray color block splicing, with the burgundy fabric, particularly eye-catching, fine car line process and silky smooth material show grace and atmosphere.

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The rugged arch-like wall decorations with modern style thinking achieves a comical disintegration of the building, which not only confronts the original plane order, but also echoes with the bay window, intentionally forging the feeling of dismembered architecture and three-dimensional fault line, with a cup intertwined, with the unknown and hunting, which is precisely its magic.


The design maximizes the infiltration and interaction of the adjacent areas, ensuring the independence of individual functions while strengthening the continuity of the whole.

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The dark wood and metal frame draw a clear outline for the space, and the light fixtures and other spatial furnishings present a circle within a circle and a square within a circle, which is elegant and contained.

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Inadvertently, the sunlight pours in through the window, dappled light dripping down on the yellowing reeds, smothering the slightly fragrant pages of the book, refreshing the mind.

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We are soaking in the warm soft years, painful and brave at the same time.

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I’m not sure how many times I’ve had to go through this, but I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.

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I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do. Pillowing the fragrance of books into a dream is the most beautiful feeling in life.

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All beautiful things, in which there is always a certain singularity, irregular wall lamp, want to catch all the hands, each detail are hidden in an inner power of the outgoing.

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Bold, flamboyant, simple, fashionable …, unrestrained spirit and gentlemanly achievement of the new era of the so-called “yuppie” style, just like the modern and modern polished, relaxed, before relaxed.

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The new collection will be presented at the exhibition, which will be held at the same time as the new collection at the same time.

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▲Floor plan

Project Information

Project Name ︱ Wuhu Weixing State Guest Terrace 114 Model House

Project Address ︱ Anhui ︱ Wuhu

Project Area ︱ 114 square meters

Interior Design ︱ Shenzhen Taihe Southern Architectural Interior Design Firm

Design Team ︱ Wu-ping Wang, Zhiyong Liu, Chunyan Liu, Hongmin Zhou Project

Photography ︱ Shape Space

Design Director

640 11 20Wang Wuping


China famous interior designer, senior interior architect, director of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID), engaged in interior design for 16 years, founder of Shenzhen Taihe Southern Architectural Interior Design Office ︱ design director.


About Taihe Nanfang Design

Shenzhen Taihe Nanfang Architectural Interior Design Affairs, with international vision and experience, is committed to creating the top high-end clubhouse, sales office model apartments, villas, luxury mansions, office commercial space and other interior design boutique. We insist on original design, and have achieved good results and praise both inside and outside the industry.

Over the years, the company advocates that design innovation is the driving force that drives the company forward, high quality design and efficient and efficient service has won a good reputation in the industry, but also in the industry has won a number of domestic and international design awards.

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