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Ink and Rhyme, Writing a Modern Chinese Mansion StInk and Rhyme, Writing a Modern Chinese Mansion Style | Between Design

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This case is a four-storey single-family villa with a square structure, orderly and harmonious proportions in all spaces, and a clear division between dynamic and static areas. In terms of design, the designer made use of the charm of “virtual and real” in Chinese ink and wash painting, combined with the profound mood of marble material of “the forest is drenched in layers”, presenting a visual effect of a blend of water and water and a hearty and vivid feeling. The expression technique of “emphasis on intention and lightness of form” reveals the oriental charm of subtle and dignified, creating a high-class residential space.

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The living room, as the center of the common area in the house, shows the master’s taste and attitude to life.

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The designer adopts the art of leaving white, the pure white background wall with the pure black TV screen, which plays the role of buffering and coordinating the elements in the room. The black sofa and marble table, a black and white structure, play a role in supporting the skeleton of the space, making the overall sense of a relaxed. The overall square and spacious layout of the guests can be gathered, can also be enclosed in a small narrative, a touch of beautiful greenery jumping visual, like a free world.

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The dining room is a place for families to reunite and exchange feelings, and the designer has cleverly placed a round table here. The round table is not only in line with the Chinese eating habits of “sitting around”, but also implies the meaning of “reunion”.

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The black table and chairs of the same color are neutralized by the round curve of the round table, which reduces the purity of the color and enriches the color level, giving people a sense of stability and smoothness, and also enhances the sense of stability of the space, creating a simple and quiet indoor atmosphere, which is more intimate and warm, and makes the space more warm.

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A Chinese mansion cannot do without a teahouse. The design of the teahouse is a reference to the “three distances” in landscape painting.

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The pavilion in front of the greenery, embellished the whole space, so that the seemingly simple and elegant tone actually contains a deep cultural charm, exposure to a long aftertaste. Branches and leaves and behind the blinds of light and shadow blend, three or two brushstrokes, outlining the relationship between the objects, tea vessels are ready, friends, shallow drink slowly, stealing a half day of leisure.

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“The master bedroom is boldly decorated with retro elements to create a large dark green backdrop, with soft white bed linen. The combination of the single line, the combination of the surface and the independence of the block, makes the space arrangement more soft and coordinated. From surface to block, it is a transformation from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, this visual effect makes the space dense and sparse, forming the sensory experience of “sparse can walk horse, airtight”.

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When one pushes the door in, it is a gentle transition. The master bedroom space hidden dressing room, the continuation of the master bedroom elegant light tone, abandoned the redundant and complex decoration, cutting out the simplicity, the texture of the wood, as if to draw natural gas into the room, wood grain breath is the memory of time, contains the Avenue of the aesthetics of simplicity.

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Girls room style fresh, unique background wall has become the visual focus of the space, point, line, surface, block four visual elements as a bright spot in the indoor space, size, density to form a rich sequence of changes, highlighting the sense of space and reality. The combination of feather pillows and pink desk makes the scene lively and sweet, while the exquisite lamp art and standing green plants are a tender and long lasting expression of love for children.

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Home, the pursuit of a calm but warm sense of peace, two peaceful, quiet years. When design knows a hundred meanings, life is worth redesigning.


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