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How to Remove Water Flow Restrictor from Shower Head

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How to Remove Water Flow Restrictor from Shower Head

how to remove the water restrictor from a shower head

The water flow restrictor in the shower head can save water significantly. However, the restrictor can become a nightmare in the shower, especially when the water pressure is low. It will turn the normal flow of water into an unpleasant trickle, reducing the efficiency of bathing and affecting people’s mood. The way out is to remove the water flow restrictor from shower head. This post mainly covers the required tools and the detailed steps of removing the water flow restrictor from shower head. Go ahead for more details.

Required tools to remove flow restrictor from shower head

As the saying goes, a craftsman must sharpen his tools to do his job. So, before removing the water flow restrictor from shower head, you need to prepare some tools in advance. Here’s what you need:

  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumber tape

The soft cloth can help you hold the shower head. A wrench also helps to perform this step and also helps you secure the joint tube. It should be light and adjustable so that you can hold the shower head tightly without feeling uncomfortable.

For similar reasons, the top of the screwdriver needs to be adjustable in order to be able to fix the flat head correctly. Some plumber tape will help with this task because it prevents the threads from collapsing in the future.

Detailed steps of removing flow restrictor from shower head

Step 1: Remove the shower head

Hold the shower head with a soft cloth and hold the wrench in the other hand. Try to fix the jaws of the wrench on this covered shower head so that you can let go of your first hand. Now use it to fix the pipe on the shower wall. Then carefully turn the wrench counterclockwise to remove the wrench head.

Step 2: Remove the O-ring seal

At this point, you can identify the O-ring made of rubber by checking the neck of the shower head. You can remove it manually with a screwdriver or with your fingers. The latter is recommended, because using a screwdriver may severely damage the gasket.

Take off the screen and shake it to make it fresher. Then adjust it to the removed gasket.

Step 3: Remove the flat head screws

Now pay attention to the throttle head, where you can easily find a flat head screw. Remember the adjustable screwdriver you brought? Now use it to separate flat head screws easily and effectively. This screw head is usually made of plastic with different perforations.

Step 4: Separation flow restrictor

Use the screwdriver again to separate the restrictor from the shower head. This is a step that requires your full attention, as it involves the many tiny threads present in the restrictor. Turning the screwdriver too fast may cause damage. So you need to take your time.

Step 5: Insert the filter and gasket

Although the gasket filter should be clean now, you should check it carefully to make sure it is clean enough. Then insert it into the shower head, exactly the same as before removing the restrictor. Otherwise, the water flow may still be stagnant or worse than before.

Similarly, insert the O-ring seal and check that it is properly aligned with the filter screen to ensure the correct flow.

Step 6: Put the shower head back in place

Use plumber’s tape to cover the entire threaded area of ​​the shower arm. Now carefully put the Moen handheld shower head back to its original position, just like at the beginning. Beware of the thread, because a momentary negligence may cause some wounds or even deeper injuries.

Step 7: Pass the pipe through with the connector

Remember the soft cloth you used at the beginning? Now take it again and hold the connector or valve firmly. Then connect the shower pipe to the joint. It should not exceed three quarters.

Bottom Line

Shower restrictors block the free flow of water, both of which can be used. If you want to increase the flow, you can remove it and enjoy the shower pressure. On the contrary, if you want to control the cost of water and electricity, you can contribute to saving water and building a healthy environment. If you are interested in video guide, you can refer the following link: How To Remove a Water Restrictor from a Showerhead


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