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How to remove the hot and cold water tap

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1. Turn off the main switch of the hot and cold faucet, find the red and blue dots under the handle and snap them with your hand to reveal a small hole.
2. Observe the small hole by hand to see if one of the set screws inside is a cross or a word, and use the appropriate screwdriver to loosen it. A few brands of screws are more troublesome with an inside square hole. When you don’t have a tool, be careful not to damage the screw opening with an alternative tool that can be removed.
3. When you loosen the screw, you can remove the handle.
4. At this point, you see a large brass nut. Once you have removed the nut with a large adjustable wrench, you will be able to remove the spool of the faucet.
5. Observe the copper flat surface under the spool for any unevenness or fine grit and clean it up. Remove the rubber seal on the flat surface and see if it is damaged.
6. In general, hot and cold water faucets are well integrated and highly reliable. Therefore, when the hot and cold water faucet is opened, you often cannot find any obvious problems. At this point, just replace the valve core.
7. Finally, follow the above steps to reverse the installation. When installing, check which side is cold water, usually the left is hot and the right is cold. After the top part, the joint is wrapped with waterproof tape a few times to prevent leaks. Then screw the faucet on the connector, tighten it with a wrench, turn on the switch and check whether the hot and cold water is in the right direction, whether the water flow is abnormal and whether there are any leaks. It should be noted that if your hot and cold water faucet is purchased from a regular manufacturer, it has a service life of 5 years, and some will be repaired on site.
Hot and Cold Water Faucet Removal Notes
1. Some home kitchens have hot and cold water faucets that are connected to the basin. The hose under the faucet is very deep in the pipe, so you need to be patient when disassembling it. Therefore, we can screw the spool seat to the body of the faucet when installing it. You can use a longer screwdriver to unscrew the screws counterclockwise from the bottom, and then push the spool seat and the high-pressure hose up from the bottom. Avoid damaging the seal on the spool seat before removing . When removing the hose, pay attention to the top.
2. Some inlet hoses have a long lifespan and brittle or rusty fasteners can cause the inlet hose to be unscrewed all at once. Remove the lower basin faucet after placing two or three drops of oil on the rusted area.
3. After turning off the hot and cold kitchen faucet, the water from the spout also keeps running and simply won’t stop. This is usually a problem with the valve plug on the inlet valve. The seal at the bottom of the valve plug is damaged, the seal is damaged or the pipe is damaged. This can be caused by an impurity in the scratchy valve plug.

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