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How To Remove A Delta Sink Drain Stopper – Step by Step

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How To Remove A Delta Sink Drain Stopper – Step by Step

how to remove a delta sink stopper

When you purchase a Delta faucet, there is always a sink stopper included. Over the years, the sink stopper may catch all sorts of things, like hair, dirt, and other gunk. It is not hard to remove the buildup, but you will need to take out the sink drain. In this article, we will show you the detailed steps of how to remove a Delta sink stopper.

How does Delta sink stopper work

In order to better understand how to properly remove the Delta sink stopper, we will take a look at the components that make up the assembly and how it works. The Delta sink stopper assembly is basically a simple lever. The lifting rod usually protrudes from the rear of the faucet body and is connected to the horizontal pivot rod by a flat slotted rod called a clevis. The pivot rod extends into the tail piece of the drain pipe and passes through the hook at the bottom of the stopper. You cannot pull the plug from the drain pipe until the pivot rod is disengaged from the hook. To do this, you must remove the entire stopper linkage.

What you’ll need

  • Paint tray or shallow bucket
  • Putty knife
  • Penetrating oil
  • Old towels
  • Channel lock pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Damp cloth

How to take out a Delta sink drain stopper

Step 1: Remove items under the sink

Before working under the sink, please unload the contents of the sink cabinet so that you can move under the sink more easily. If your bathroom is poorly lit, please use a flashlight.

Step 2: Locate the horizontal plunger rod

The first step in removing the sink plug requires you to locate and then remove the horizontal rod. The rod connects the plug to the strap, which is a piece of metal with holes. If it is too dark to see clearly, use a flashlight to help search.

Step 3: Locate the metal clip

After placing the rod in the strap, you will see that the rod is held in place by the metal clip. Remove the clamp so that the horizontal rod and the strap are no longer connected. Be sure to remember which hole the pole is in.

Step 4: Remove the pivot nut

At the other end of the horizontal rod, there is a part called a pivot nut, which is still connected to the sink drain. If you cannot unscrew the nut by hand, you may need a wrench, pipe wrench, or pliers.

Step 5: Remove the sink plug

Now that the horizontal rod and pivot nut are removed, you should be able to remove the sink plug manually. Simply pull it out. The stopper may be covered by accumulation and sticky material, so when it comes out, be sure to clean it thoroughly.

Step 6: Clean the sink plug

To clean the sink plug, you have many options. You can also use sewer cleaning tools and sewer openers.

  • Pull out the slimy thing by hand.
  • Run under warm to hot water and wash with soap.
  • Use vinegar or ordinary detergent.
  • Before cleaning with a rag, soak the stopper in a mixture of soap and water for a period of time.

Step 7: Reassemble everything

Once everything is cleaned up and the water flows smoothly again, it is time to reassemble the removed parts. Put back the sink plug first, then the pivot nut. Make sure to tighten it. Then, reconnect the rod to the strap and put the metal clip back in place. When everything is assembled, run water to test, then put everything back under the removed sink.


No matter what work they need to do, it is expensive to hire a plumber. Fortunately, many tasks are easy to do on your own. According to this guide, removing a Delta sink drain stopper can be completed by yourself without further ado.


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