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How to distinguish the material of the faucet when purchasing

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There are many types of faucet materials available in the market. When you are buying, you want to buy a faucet that is of better quality. How can you distinguish the material of the faucet when you are buying it? If you distinguish from the material, there are mainly stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, polymer composite and other options.

1. Stainless steel faucet has better rustproof performance, and will not produce rust stains due to the influence of water flow.

2. The brass faucet surface will have a layer of coating. If used for a long time, it can be kept shiny and not easy to rust. However, the price of brass faucet in the market is relatively high, and there are also many unscrupulous businessmen to substitute the good for the bad. The quality of the faucet varies in the market.

WOWOW faucet is born from the high-grade brass structure of the faucet body. The kitchen faucet is made of high quality material, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It has the following characteristics: high purity brass, strong, lead-free and corrosion-resistant.


3. It is advisable to choose carefully the taps made of zinc alloy. The element zinc will flow out with the water. If long-term use, into the human body, will have a certain impact on health.

So how to distinguish the material of the faucet?

The presence of the plating is not easy to distinguish in appearance. It is recommended to distinguish it by the color of the material inside the bottom faucet port. In addition, you can feel the weight with your hands when selecting, the copper material is heavier.


When you choose a faucet, you must buy it from a regular and professional faucet sales place, so as to effectively prevent the purchase of roughly processed products.


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