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Guide to Buying Faucets

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  1. A few things to consider when choosing a faucet to use: What you need to pay attention to when buying a faucet is: if the faucet is an imported brand, there are import instructions on the product. If it is a domestic brand have product certification, and marked origin, factory address. When you choose to buy, mainly look at the feel, trigger the switch to feel gentle, effortless. If the feel astringent laborious or too light, it means that the assembly structure is not good. Different prices of the faucet in the plating quality also have differences. Generally speaking, the main raw materials of the faucet is divided into miscellaneous copper and pure copper, the more advanced is a mixture of copper and nickel materials. As the pure copper is not easy to corrosion and oxidation, after a number of polishing, is conducive to the plating. Plating quality is also relatively copper is better. In addition, the thickness of the plating is also very exquisite. It is understood that, at present, the international standard of faucet plating thickness is 8 microns, the best up to 12 microns. Factors affecting the quality of the faucet in addition to raw materials, production mode and process also played a decisive role.
  2. The selection of faucets and accessories should be from the following aspects to consider.
  • First of all, the treatment and quality of the surface plating.
  • The main body of the faucet should be made of bronze or brass casting.
  • Faucet internal quality of the core valve, which directly determines the faucet tightness and service life.
  • The faucet handle should be a larger range of activities.
  • Should choose a large amount of water industry, water-stop-fast faucet.
  • When buying faucets, what specifically should be noted? First of all, we should move the switch a few times to see if the components are firmly and closely matched. When you twist the switch, it is better to have a gentle touch. If the hand feel astringent or light floating, it means that the assembly structure is unreasonable so that the faucet in use is not enough water, or water leakage when the water pressure increases. Therefore, when buying, we must pay attention to whether there is packaging, origin, inspection and certification.
  • When buying, should read the manual and check the sample for customers to understand the internal structure of the faucet, and choose the faucet with ceramic core valve to buy. Generally speaking, the faucet’s valve core mainly consists of ceramic plates, washers, fixed transparent rubber rings and special stainless steel joint screw components. The ceramic tile is made of highly durable ceramic and the two tiles are bonded together, so they can handle water pressure up to 60 bar without any leakage, which makes the taps smoother to use. As for the gasket, the silicon gasket is designed to withstand both hot and cold water pressure without leakage, and the special stainless steel joint screw is designed with precision to prevent the valve core from being too tightly joined.

After purchasing the faucet you like, as long as you install, use and maintain it properly, the actual service life of the faucet can be extended for a long time, and it will be kept bright as new. To be installed by professional personnel, do not bump with hard objects, especially in the installation of cement, glue, and other residues in the surface, in order to avoid damage to the surface coating, in addition to clean up the debris in the pipeline and then installed.

If, after a period of time, such as found in the use of reduced water, you can gently unscrew the screen cover at the outlet, remove impurities, generally can be restored as before. However, even high-quality faucet products, but also rely on proper cleaning and maintenance to play its maximum function. The correct method is to use a neutral cleaning solution with a soft cloth to wipe, clean up to avoid the use of alcohol content and acidic cleaning agents because they will damage the faucet surface. The correct way to clean the faucet is to use a neutral cleaning solution with a soft cloth, avoid using alcohol and acidic cleaners as they can damage the surface of the faucet. The metal hose of the shower lotus head should be kept in a natural stretch and not folded into a dead end to avoid breakage.

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Knowledge of Faucet Purchase 

In fact, we know that there are many ways to control the faucet, including single-handle control, double handle control, elbow control, and so on. Then these control methods are also with code, the following specific examples: single handle control code is 1, double handle control is 2, elbow control is 3, foot control is 4, sensor control is 5, handoff control is 6, electronic control is 7, other control methods are 8.
These are the faucet controls and designators.

Next, the faucet seal code, is related to the “O” ring: rubber code is J, engineering plastic is S, copper alloy is T, ceramic is C, stainless steel is B, the other is Q. This kind of is actually very easy to remember, because each of their letters inside and its Chinese name are corresponding to the Chinese name, so it is very easy to remember. We also know that the faucet open and close in many ways, then they also have code, spiral lift code is L, the plunger is S, spring type is T, the plane type is P, ball type is Y, hinge type is J, other is Q, this kind of memory and the above-mentioned memory method is the same.

The faucet also involves the type of installation, mainly depends on its valve body installation, there are desktop open installation, desktop concealed installation, wall type open installation, wall type concealed installation, code is 1, 2, 3, 4, desktop and wall type. Wall type, as the name suggests, is on the table and on the wall.

There is the material according to the valve body, copper alloy is T, stainless steel is B, plastic is S, the other is Q, the letters are easy to remember, the memory method is also very simple.

The last thing is the occasion according to the adaptation. The ordinary pool is the ordinary faucet code P, washbasin with wash faucet code M, a bathtub is bathtub faucet code Y, washing pool is washing faucet code D, urinal is urinal faucet code B, net body pool is net body faucet code C, shower is bath faucet code L, laboratory pool is laboratory water nozzle code H, the lawn is to take over the faucet code J, washing machine It’s the waterproof faucet code F, the other code would be Q.

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