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How to choose a safe faucet

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1. Faucet material

Stainless Steel Faucet

Stainless steel faucets are lead-free, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, non-corrosive, do not release harmful substances, and do not pollute tap water sources. Stainless steel faucets do not require electroplating on the surface, only polishing is needed to ensure its stainless steel appearance.

Copper faucets

Pure copper faucet is made of all copper, chrome plating treatment, high gloss, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. Mainly based on its own copper content and process to distinguish the quality of the advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic faucet

Plastic faucet colorful, mold mass production, safety than other materials, using ABS plastic for production and processing. However, its strength is not high and its life span is short.

Alloy Faucet

Alloy faucets are much less expensive than all-copper faucets, and the faucets are easier to mass produce. Among them, zinc alloy is widely used, and zinc alloy faucets are harmful to the human body and are not durable.

Ceramic faucet

Ceramic faucets have the advantage of not rusting, oxidizing or wearing out. Since the casing of ceramic faucet is also a ceramic product, it looks beautiful.

2. Faucet valve core

Ceramic spool

Ceramic valve core is resistant to aging, wear and tear, no maintenance, to ensure the stability of operation, saving maintenance costs and labor intensity. The non-corrosive characteristics of the faucet is not easy to leak drips, but also to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and water conservation.

Stainless steel spool

Long life, high sensitivity and serviceable. The biggest advantage is that the water quality requirements are not high, the valve spool can be disassembled for cleaning. No need for special personnel and special tools, disassembly is very convenient.

Roller type spool

The handle is smooth and flat, easy to operate, comfortable and easy to carry, resistant to aging and wear and tear, but gradually withdrawn from the market, and replaced by a new faucet valve core.


3. The way to open the faucet

Spiral faucet

It takes a lot of turns to rotate it and it’s a bit of a hassle to use. Usually, people have trouble turning the faucet off and on when they are receiving water with washing up liquid to save water.

Turn off the faucet

Just lift it up to dispense water and use the opening angle to control the flow of water for convenience and hygiene.

Sensor faucet

As soon as you reach under the faucet, it automatically drains, but the response is slow and easy to use, making it both hygienic and water efficient.

Wrench faucet

Usually only need to rotate 90 degrees, the angle of the opening can be used to control the water flow. The discharge speed is fast and very convenient for clean water.


4. Faucet structure type

single tap

Connects directly to one of the cold or hot water pipes.

Range of use: single cold basin mixer and single cold basin mixer.

Double mixer

It is to connect two inlet and outlet pipes for hot and cold water at the same time. Scope of use: basin mixer and kitchen mixer.

Triple faucet

That is, in addition to the two inlet pipes for hot and cold water, it is also possible to connect the shower head.
Scope of use: bathtub faucet.

3. The key points to choose and buy tap

1. Style

Nowadays, the faucets used in home decoration are mainly bathroom faucets, basin faucets, kitchen faucets, according to the basin style and use of space to choose faucets.

2. Appearance
No bubbles, no defects, no scratches, imported standard faucets have a coating of 10 microns or more, the purpose is to prevent rust, beautiful, and ensure long life.

3. Price

The average price of imported products is between $500 and $3,000, with joint ventures at around $1,000. Domestic ones are relatively cheap, basically between 200 and 500 yuan.

4. Spare parts

General basin faucet accessories mainly include water, lift the bar and faucet fixed bolts and fixed copper and washers; bathtub faucet and shower, water inlet pipe, bracket, etc..

5. Valve spool

Steel ball valve is sturdy and durable, good pressure resistance. Seals with rubber rings easy to wear, aging ceramic valve sealing performance, feel more comfortable and smooth.

6. Material

Faucets are made of copper, which is sterilized and disinfected. However, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the quality of copper, so it is best to buy branded products that have a certain reputation.

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