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How to choose a quality faucet

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The valve spool. This is the heart of the faucet. Nowadays, both hot and cold faucets are made of ceramic. However, you can’t see the valve spool when you buy it, so the market is mixed with plastic and iron. Even ceramic is good or bad. So you need to be clear when choosing. This is directly related to the service life of the faucet.

Material. Good quality brass used in a good faucet is the main material. Home improvement faucets are components that are in direct contact with the water source and directly affect water hygiene. Brass is the most suitable metal material. It is antiseptic, non-toxic and sterilizing. It is important to note that it is high quality brass, not just brass (brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. If it is made up of only copper and zinc it is called ordinary brass. If it is a variety of alloys consisting of two or more elements, it is called special brass, and special brass is also called special brass. It is characterized by high strength, hardness and chemical resistance. The high quality brass we are talking about for producing faucets is a type of special brass. It has a strict ratio of metals).

Apart from brass, there are also faucets available in the market made of zinc alloy, cast iron and plastic.

Electroplating process. The appearance of the faucet is usually polished, electroplated and polished several times. When choosing one, the standard for qualification is bright, no bubbles, no defects, and no scratches. Ordinary faucets have only 10 microns of plating, which is intended to prevent rust, look good, and ensure longevity. When you select with your finger on the surface of the faucet, the fingerprints dissipate quickly, indicating good plating, and the more fingerprints, the worse the plating. Pay attention to the bevels and rounded corners of the coating. These details can be a good indicator of whether the plating is done properly. In terms of gloss, a glossy, textured finish with no water ripples is also a standard.

Test the handle with your hands. If it feels heavy when you twist it, it’s obviously not for too light, but it’s not for too heavy either (especially for kids and the elderly). Then feel the balance from large to small and small to strong when you twist it.

When we choose a faucet, it is necessary to add some accessories. This is necessary. Like hot and cold water faucets, in addition to shower and bathtub faucets, there must be hoses to connect the inlet to the faucet. These hoses are necessary and their quality directly affects its longevity, tightness and other aspects. Therefore, each different faucet is equipped with different fasteners to facilitate the attachment of the faucet to the basin. This is something that we need to be aware of while buying.

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