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Framing The Pure Beauty, Showing The Beauty Of Color Infusion | Hoben Design

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Framing the pure beauty, showing the beauty of color infusion

The design starts from life, and then returns to life. This case interweaves the jumping colors appropriately to create a charming and elegant space atmosphere. At a glance, you will be enchanted. The large area of white space leaves more space for imagination. The sense of block and line makes the space more modern, and the details are matched with the sparse and dense, together forming the aesthetic and rhythm of the space, feeling the poetic habitat of the space with the soul, and at the same time giving the space full of emotional tension, and then creating a return to oneself, pure and true home.

The living room opens up the interval between the living room and the balcony, making the space more spacious and the view more open. The design of no main light makes the top surface more clean and simple, and raises the visual depth to make the whole space more coherent. The main theme of the space is creamy white, and then the young and lively turmeric is added to the creamy white tone, which is a new interpretation of exquisite elegance with modern design techniques, and a more rational and wise attitude to interpret a high-quality and simple and comfortable attitude to life.

A touch of turmeric, in the pure realm of lighting up the vision, moving the heartstrings. The soft and textured sofa makes the resting time more comfortable and rounds out the tenderness of life. Vibrant greenery, the space has a few more fresh meaning. Animal chairs also add a sense of dynamism to the space. The linear sofa background light weakens the thinness of the space and makes the visual richness.

The layout of the living and dining room as one gives more possibilities for life. This not only reduces the sense of closure, but also extends the overall visual sense, better realizes the interaction between spaces, and makes the dining atmosphere more cozy. And the ground texture of the dining table is warm and moist. Plastic, leather single chairs with clear texture. Materials collide with each other, balance each other, and make the restaurant more modern sense of sharp and sophisticated beauty.

The more simple, the more it can withstand the test of time. The color of the back wall of the children’s room, interesting and lively, not only makes the space seem less dull, but also the romance and tenderness that belongs to the girl alone. The lovely fairy tale ornaments and pure floral art are wonderful dream scenes for the little master.

The second bedroom also adopts a white tone, allowing the space to reveal a pure and fresh atmosphere. Embellished with minimalist bedside lamps, the space is left white to blend with the design content. The long window and closet in the bedroom are both decorated with orange, giving way to a comfortable space for relaxation and storage in the small bedroom space. In the small bedroom space, it gives way to a comfortable space for relaxation and storage.

What really moves us is often not in the appearance, but in the emotion it conveys. Home, not only is the expression of tone, more is the feeling of companionship, because there is temperature and companionship, which makes the space look extra warm and precious.Because home has temperature and companionship, it makes the space appear extra warm and precious.  It can integrate art and life to the greatest extent and advocate a new human living experience. Customers look for a peaceful place inside in the city’s clutter and make life more warm. From the beginning to the end, the master bedroom is embellished with gray-blue siding while maintaining the color integrity of the space, making the bedroom more calm.

The smooth lines between the bedroom and the checkroom, whether it is to take clothes or change clothes, or to dress up, are all thoughtful and comfortable. In a private space that is all your own, let all your senses comply with your own self-control. The maximum comfort is created in an immersive feeling.


Project Address: Zijinshan Rose Garden

Project area: 129m²

Completion date: January 2021

Main Project Designer: Weng Xiang

Design Assistant: Jiang Min

Weng Xiang

Co-founder and Design Director of Hoben Design Consultants


Student of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France, 2017

Member of Fuzhou Special Committee of CIID China Architecture Society Interior Design Branch

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