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We are the children of nature.

The animals and plants in nature are our companions

We have left the warm embrace of nature

Displaced in the hustle and bustle of the city

Now we finally return to the starting point of life

We tend to appreciate nature and rarely consider living with it.

—— Wilde

Kunming Sunshine City Wenlan East is an old city renovation project located within the planning area of Kunming Free Trade Zone. It is adjacent to Yungui Railway to the east, Kunming College to the southwest and Baoxiang River to the north. It is the core intersection of Kunming’s north-south development spine and east-west development sub-axis, and plays a key role in the development of Kunming. In the future, it will become the industrial center and logistics hub of Yunnan, with a very advantageous location.

The soft furnishing design of Wenlan Life Institute is carefully created by IF DESIGN Yuguo design team. It interprets the ideal lifestyle with artistic perfection and redefines the ideal living standard about high-end perfect residence for home buyers.

The designers of this project take the growth of all things as the source of inspiration, and bring nature and the city closer together through design, hoping that visitors can be in a natural and beautiful hinterland of humanity, life and leisure, passing on the humanistic and natural genes and the aesthetics of urban artistic life.

Nowadays, art is gradually becoming an important way and means of thinking: to constitute a sense of situational storytelling with artistic people or objects, and to enhance the memory of the site in the interaction with people. And, to bring people a higher level of situational experience.

Entering the reception space is like entering an art space. The designers interpret and comprehend the artistic quality of life. A sunny and cozy natural art is restored in the design.

The green device symbolizing vitality hanging above the sandbox area is like decorating the colorful and boundless scroll of nature. It is also like a jumping note, echoing the majestic symphony of nature that has no beginning and no end.

The designer builds the space shape through the orderly organization of natural language, forming a kind of upward orderly beauty, making the final overall space like a scroll slowly unfolding.

The most beautiful music and the most beautiful painting are not shaped by the subjective will of people, and the same goes for the most beautiful space. All the carefully carved details coalesce into a natural realm. Under the background of multi-layered green decorations, “the essence of a door without losing its elegance” conveys to visitors the vitality and beauty of all things growing.

The simple straight lines are dissolved by the soft plants, and the diverse nature elements abstractly express the wonders of nature. The plant specimens and insect decorations express a natural interest in returning to the true nature of life.

The designer tries to give the whole space environment a harmonious and pleasant natural tone. The bright and atmospheric negotiation area with warm and steady green pillows is the highlight. The simple and avant-garde, yet simple and warm tone gives the space an artistic and harmonious atmosphere.

Every object, every branch and every leaf draws its beauty and nutrients from nature, and all kinds of tiny and insignificant beauty are given a new courtesy in the space.

Echoing the majestic and endless vitality of nature, it stands in nature and is integrated into nature. Habitat returns to nature and senses the pulse of the city between the landscape. The designer irrigates plants in the spatial environment, cultivating them into what the natural scenery should look like in our mind.

Let us slow down to appreciate nature and feel the vitality of all things growing, just as Montaigne said: “To live with writing”, a person who loves nature must love life.

 ▲Plan Layout

Project Name: Sunshine City Kunming – Wenlan East Project Sales Office

Party A Information: Sunshine City Group

Party A Team: Peng Shijuan, Han Xue, Xie Chao

Project area: 970㎡

Project Address: Xiyi Village, Jingkai District, Kunming, Yunnan Province

Soft furnishing design: IF DESIGN Yuguo Design

Hard furnishing design: Xinhongtian

Photography team: One Thousand Degree Vision

IF.DESIGN always insists on

The concept of “aesthetics / life / new life”.

Constantly cross the border, to maintain the design of forward-looking and innovative.

Respect for client characteristics and cultural diversity.

To inject the power of never being satisfied with a good life.

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