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Wood Logs + White, Light and Shade and Interweaving of Lines and Surfaces

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Wood Logs + White, Light and Shade and Interweaving of Lines and Surfaces | FF Design

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If the perfume is the second skin of the French, then the light is the second life of the space, and M.J.N. Fashion Office, a collection of three brands, makes light the absolute protagonist of the space in the form of white with wood, creating a relaxed and natural office space.

In M.J.N.’s two-storey office, the first floor is where the staff’s office space, negotiation area, and clothing display area are located, while the second floor, in the form of a coffee bar, takes care of most of the fashion shoots and public events.

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The simple logo on the white backdrop is the only description of the company, at a glance, the description of the content also shows style, a little wood decorated with them, very harmonious, bringing people unadulterated space feeling.

White with wood not only has the effect of enlarging the space but also, inadvertently, releases a quiet power. This pair of CPs presents a natural sense of space with the most natural attraction to light.

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The low-saturation woods and large expanses of white insulate the restlessness of the outside world and calm people down from their busy routines. The elongated front desk and the decorative wall of the entrance are stacked together, making the visual more coherent and at the same time more atmospheric and beautiful, with the same color stacked on top of each other to create a staggering sense of hierarchy.

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The white wall behind the reception desk has a square hole in it, faintly revealing a “secret passage” to the second floor. The luminous cabinet in the middle is interconnected with the stairwell, and the combination of real and imaginary walls keeps the space separated from each other.

The top light strip extending from the passageway to the end of the building presents a spacious and open pattern and a transparent atmosphere. A black tubular pendant light in the foreground aptly complements the local illumination.

IMG 320520200720 125129

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The flower wall of the Trupanion Shade Room was painted white and moved here, and it filters out the overly hot sunlight on the basin as it always does, allowing the wind to pass through the cross-window-like wall, leaving just a touch of freshness and brightness.

The front desk and the public space look at each other across the cross wall, keeping the space relatively independent while allowing sunlight to shine and air to circulate. A little bit of greenery brings a touch of vibrancy to space, swaying with the wind and scattering dappled light and shadow on the foreground.

IMG 321020200720 125132

The negotiation area and exhibition area proudly occupies the first floor of the best light by the window. After all, “the wider and closer the light source is, the softer the light will be” so that even if the customers taking pictures on a whim, they will not be afraid to do so.

The space on the other side of the negotiation area is in the FF style, with F+oyes cabinets resembling keyboards on the wall, which are both practical for storage and display. The silver dolls are standing lonely and stubbornly on the display shelf, waiting for their new playmates and friends.

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The absolute protagonist of the office area is still pure white, the light from the soft film ceiling overhead, natural daylight through the curtains have been reflected on the pure white cabinet, forming different levels of light and shadow in the interior.

The irregular elliptical wall is decorated with a pure white, so that the space is free from bland and tasteless, forming a simple and relaxed office atmosphere, the other side of the sliding door of the storage cabinet is also fully covered with corkboard, the continuation of white with wood color collision and leave out the black and white minimalist rigid.

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The stairway entryway is simple and straightforward, with white light strips and slightly peeking greenery guiding the way, easy and bright. In keeping with the shift in the woodsy environment, the right wall and window frames are made of wood. The view behind the window is not only vitality but also your Great Perhaps.

As you walk along the way, you will find the cleverly designed window in front of the stairs.

Space has the right ratio of walking and white space, leaving a sense of space with silence of a thousand words worth, along with the wood, window scenery, light and shadow, which silently support the staggered levels of space.

People walking on the stairs is like a moving label. Without too many cumbersome elements, the black lines emphasize the structure of the building and soften the monotony of the space.

IMG 322420200720 125140

Light is the best path to follow. The use of light and shadow is FF’s specialty. The contrast of one light and one dark between the stairs makes both the upper and lower passages more three-dimensional and independent. Warm light strips were installed along the lower edge of the staircase steps, and when the lights were turned on, the white walls were reflected with an extra touch of warmth.

IMG 322520200720 125141

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The connection of public spaces is not only from the passage, but also from the visual response. The inner and outer spaces mirror each other, and the inner windows that can peer out into the stair space interpret the curiosity of dialogue with the outside world. The mirrored design of the stairwell expands the space and allows the imagination to expand. The connection of the space makes full use of the functionality and facilitates the communication between upstairs and downstairs.

IMG 322720200720 125142

The entrance on the second floor is the company’s shelving area, where company documents, personal cups, tea and drinks are neatly stored but also have a more lively atmosphere. Different shapes of bottles and jars are placed on the wall display area, and the recessed shape also adds a background of different colors to the display.

The window eaves are designed with a floating window to increase the utilization of space. The casual table and chairs that can be moved around by the wall is also a location with a high occupancy rate, which is a comfortable and quiet corner for reading, drinking tea and chatting.

The roof, walls and floor are unified with the same light line, which divides the space as a whole and increases the visual depth produced by the streamlined space.

IMG 322820200720 125145

IMG 322920200720 125145

The wood-colored flooring serves as a passage and leisure area, while the white flooring area serves as a working area, completing the transformation and connection of functions through the change of materials and tones in different areas. The negotiation area and water bar are arranged neatly and orderly, creating a strong visual sense with the pure wood tone, and constructing a free and open place.

The seats facing the pantries are designed to face the passageway. Even though there is a passageway, it is still a pantry with convenient communication and a comfortable atmosphere. From one direction, it is a small area with a clear distinction and a large open area for easy communication.

IMG 323020200720 125146

IMG 323120200720 125146

The natural light by the window makes the interior light source abundant and the environment full of rhythm, and in front of the glass partition is a small meeting area. This is not only a meeting area for formal occasions, but also the best place for tea parties during break time. The simple brown square table is also practical and valuable.

The depth negotiation area is semi-private and separated from other functional zones by the glass partition. The balanced distribution of dark and light colors creates a soft and quiet comfortable atmosphere, and a semi-open deep negotiation space scene is completed.

IMG 323220200720 125147

The overhead black lines break up the large white space, allowing a sense of openness and a three-dimensional effect to be emphasized and amplified. Unlike a conventional corporate meeting room, this area is more like a small theater.

The side wall against the inside is mirrored, which is not only decorative but also reflects light, bringing in light from other spaces by refraction, and brightening the visual sense of the room.

IMG 323320200720 125147

The three flights of stairs serve as a seating area for relaxation, with random rows of linen cushions, ready for a sharing activity or brainstorming session. As you enter the space, you are met with images that change freely and playfully, silently telling the story of the interactive space.

M.J.N.’s new office space is designed with a scientific and pleasant layout that allows more connection between the space and the people. The artistic design, colorful environment, and lively atmosphere promote the collision of ideas to build a more imaginative and innovative space.

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