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Elegant New Chinese Style, The Realm Of Reach, The Heart Of The Place To Return | RIDI DESIGN

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Excerpted from Cai Hao’s photography collection


A house, a few rooms, and a few dear people, is a home.

No matter how late you go home, it will always leave a light for you; no matter how far away from home, it is always as warm as spring in your memory.


Write to my hometown

Red bricks, red tiles, old wooden beams, my childhood, is spent in such an old house. When I talk about it, it’s always like eating honey, my mouth and heart are sweet.

Although it has been a long time, the old house has long been demolished, but in my heart, it has always been there, or the memory of the way.

Time has taken away the red bricks and red tiles, but not the tiled house in our hearts, it has always been there, carrying our laughter, guarding us, going further away.

The memory of the tiled house, stunning those old times that we can not forget.

It gives us, not only a home under the dome, but also a place of peace of mind for our souls, and a deep attachment to our hometown.

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Homesickness as a source

A place of water and soil nurtures a side of people and a side of culture. Thousands of years of Xinghua, modern Putian, also known as Putian, all point to this side of the pillow mountains facing the sea. A long cultural vein, written all over the habitat of this land, but also engraved in the strong hometown feeling of Putian people.

Architecture is a solidified culture, is the most symbolic carrier of cultural heritage. Putian language to build a house is called “Alter”, in the Putian tradition, “Alter” is a person, a symbol of family success. Residence, for Putian people, is not only a place, but also a deep cultural and spiritual trust.

The roof shape of traditional houses in Putian is mostly double-sloped, with overhanging roof and swallow-tailed ridge, which is different from the flat ridge and fire wall in Fuzhou, and also different from the hard roof in southern Fujian.

Putian houses as “red brick area” a sample, with distinctive regional characteristics, its biggest feature is the swallow ridge shape. Yan roof ridge is also known as Wu ridge, the ridge is saddle-shaped, the two ends of the ridge head up, the tail open double or triple fork, resembling the tail of a flying swallow.

This modeling so that the curve of the slope and the cocked ridge to form a harmonious whole, so that the original more rigid and archaic house shape appears to be floating, spontaneous and rhythmic, become the iconic features of the Putian residential architecture.

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“Return to the hometown” for the body

The ideal residence, originated from the local culture, but full of modern poetry of the communion. The space design incorporates the cultural and regional characteristics of Putian into the design of the model room, with “homecoming” as the core, the designer refines the local elements for the continuation of interior design thinking, and intersperses them in the space. The modern aesthetic perspective is used to interpret the historical heritage and precipitation, giving this model room a unique cultural charm.

This concept is also incorporated in the color scheme of the space design, with earth colors, browns and Chinese reds extracted from the architecture and culture of the hometown, becoming the main composition of the interior colors.

From macro creativity to the expression of details, the design hides a strong sense of longing and return, as well as the alternating collision of current life and cultural heritage.



New Chinese style sales office

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The design is a combination of East and West, with no restriction on the method. The double slope, brick wall, and the elegant “alcove” of swallow tail ridge; the marble, lightly stained, refine the poetry in simplicity.

The right amount of white space, shallow but rich in emotion, with a wide view, extends a new perspective in multiple dimensions, and uses the language of space to call out the earnest of “returning home”.

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The light and shadow flow quietly through the ancient and modern times, and the grass and wood bottles and stone finishes are wabi-sabi in the hustle and bustle.

The warmth and coolness of the two meet with the natural wisdom and beauty.

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The “immortal pine” welcomes the guests, being in the “Putian”, and the ancient and open things, the four directions.

Carving the traces of time, warming back, decorating the protagonist microscopic movement, cut reflection release.

Environment, from the East;

Meaning, born in modern times.

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The green leaves become shade, embellished with the warm companion of home, the gods of the running cattle, release the power of dreams and perseverance, that year’s distant view contains love’s exhortation.

Rounding up and bringing together a room, dancing the fame! At this moment, that is life.

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Withered wood in spring, the invisible illusion of natural rules, the text transcription, vaguely alluding to the ancient elegance.

Between tea and tasting comments, throat rhyme and visual rhyme zen around, adhere to the beauty of the intention, refreshing the heart.

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The combination of wire frame and furniture is open-minded, and a step of depth is allowed.

A corner of red leaves, the bones of love, nostalgia, soft as clouds, as beautiful as this, let the ordinary combination into poetry.

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Prefer to use trees to create a landscape, far away and stable, nature likes to light flowers to enjoy, free deployment of warm and cold life.

The company’s main goal is to provide a good service to its customers.

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▲Floor plan



New Chinese style model room

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The new Chinese elements are compatible with modern materials to create a quiet and elegant living scene.

The simplicity and lightness of wood is complemented by the retro of hollow carving, and the modern design language of stone, metal and fabric tells a strong sentiment of “thinking of home” living together.

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The essence of one side of the land and water is invited into the house, and the beauty of Chinese symbols and the rhythm of traditional ancient meaning are written into it, with heavy colors and thick ink, and the symmetry of strict layout, and also with shallow outlines and delicate and flexible thoughts.

The creation of the realm hides deep meaning, and a glance returns to a thousand years.

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The light and shadows are dappled, materials and objects are interlaced, reconciling the quiet and long room, one step and one scene, flowing out the different seasons, natural light through the millennium, for the meeting of the ancient and the modern to share this moment.

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The ancient color and fragrance is the rhythm of Chinese style, a volume of a thing of texture and elegance, a thousand years of cultural heritage in miniature in the space, a branch of chirping revitalized a room of aura, the heart is far from the hustle and bustle, love returned to the thickest time.

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Ink and wash is the spirit of writing that is hard to give up, and exquisite is the alias of exquisite life attitude, and the love of life has never been discounted from ancient times to the present, which is slowly unfolded by different design methods and expressions.

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Even every subtle experience is the core technique of Chinese charm, which is the artful stroke of design.

The soul of nature is transformed into the rhythm of human living, and the inheritance of the exquisite is integrated into the modern aesthetics, and the smoke and fire is filled with the fragrance of ancient meaning.

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The earth color is the emotional tie throughout, and the pure tone adds to the quietness of the space, while the local color embellishment enlivens the layers of light and darkness, creating a poetic habitat of simplifying and returning to the basics.

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Pillowing the texture vein of a seat of time, dreaming back to the longitudinal hometown of the interlaced corridors, the potential expression of abstract art, the warmth of embracing with a beam of light, brings lazy time, the retro tenderness of this moment is growing quietly.

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The unique expression of a place of water and land, the Zen meaning of a room of tea and tea tasting, the auspicious symbolism of Chinese tradition, the mood, situation and rhythm of oriental tradition and local culture are all written in the subtle aesthetics of this corner by design.

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The wooden screen is the standard of the oriental style, and its hidden beauty contributes to the creation of the realm.

The roundness of Chinese style and the mood of flowers and birds are also introduced into it, becoming the symbols of expression attached to life by the design, and moreover, the spirit of return that is deeply rooted in the marrow of the nation.

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▲Floor plan


Project Name: Putian Fengda South Lake Garden, Fujian

Design Company: Fujian Rui Di Design Co.

Main Designer: Lin Shubin

Design style: New Chinese style

Project Location: Nanhujiayuan, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian

Project area: 450 square meters

Project cost: 1.8 million

Photographer: Chen Rongkun

Main materials: wood veneer, stainless steel, rammed earth panel, art paint, marble, rust board

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Lin Shubin


Fujian Raidi Design Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive design company integrating interior design and interior soft furnishing design. Founded in Fujian in 2016, the company has grown into a private custom design brand with a certain reputation for quality space.

Based on professional design, Rydi Design is mainly dedicated to providing high-quality design services for high-end real estate developers and elites. The company specializes in real estate, showrooms, creative offices, boutique hotels, and other diversified commercial space design, and also serves villas, quality mansions and other living spaces, providing exclusive space solutions.

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