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Do You Choose Clear or Opaque Shower Glass for Installation? Did You Choose the Right Shower for Your Home? What are You Waiting For…

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Xiao Xin   Bathroom Headline

Because the bathroom consumes a lot of water, so there will be some consideration on the moisture and decoration above. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, installing a shower in the bathroom has become a modern decoration trend, so bathroom decoration is always a concern for homeowners. However, the showers we see are usually made of glass.

Is it good or bad to have a transparent shower? What are the features of a good shower? Let’s see!

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First, is it good to have a transparent shower glass?

1. First of all, the design of the glass shower not only maintains the overall space permeability, but also easier to clean. However, the glass material and chassis quality, hardware quality, etc. must be qualified. Usually, the thickness of the glass material used in the shower room is 6-10mm which is more suitable. Because the ordinary glass is too thin, if the quality is not good, it is easy to explode.

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2. And then, do the skeleton of the shower room must also be made of aluminum alloy, and the best to use more than 5mm, at the same time the shower room ball bearings should also be flexible enough, because only then can let the door push and pull more convenient, better feel. In addition, the space comfort of the shower room is vital for every owner, so owners must strive for excellence in the decoration of the shower room!

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3. Finally, is it good to have transparent glass in the shower? Actually it does not have a standard answer to say, because everyone’s needs and personality preferences and so on are worlds apart. So, the owners can decide the material to make the shower room according to their actual situation oh!

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Second, what are the characteristics of a good shower room?

1. Dry and wet separation

Making a shower in your home can divide a separate bathing space to separate wet and dry. Because most of our Chinese families’ bathroom and washroom are combined together, so installing a shower room is a clear choice, because it can divide a separate bathing space, to avoid the influence of wet and dry, and also have a great help to the future life.

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2. Insulation effect

A shower can be a great way to keep warm during the silvery winter months. Because the moisture inside are gathered in this small space, the heat is not easy to dissipate, but also can make people feel warm.

3. Decorative role

In fact, the shower room is also very classy and colorful, so it is a good decorative item in addition to its bathing function.

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Three, shower room purchase skills

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Look at the hardware: hardware quality is the key to buying an open door shower. The best one is all copper, but the price is a little expensive; Secondly, you can consider stainless steel, so now it is more popular to use stainless steel body with copper key parts, economical and solid and durable.

Look at the roller: the roller’s quality is the key to choose the sliding door, it is best to choose the roller designed with a roller shaft, instead of the market many low-quality mixed plastic core, will be very easy to break down.

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Look at the shape: according to the actual situation at home, you can choose rectangular, diamond-shaped and arc-shaped.

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Look at the details: quality shower, for the details will be very important, in addition to the hardware just mentioned, rollers, etc., there are a lot of design details, such as the bottom of the shower door will be designed back to the sink, to prevent the water on the door to the floor of the shower door.

Look at the glass: see if the glass is transparent, there are no stray spots, bubbles and other defects. See if the original glass piece has the 3C logo certification.

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The adjustment function of wall-link and wall clip: Wall-link is the aluminum material connecting the shower room and the wall, because the tilt of the wall and the deviation of the installation will cause the glass on the wall to distort, which will cause the glass to self-destruct. Therefore, the wall clips should have a vertical and horizontal adjustment function to prevent the glass from self-destructing.

Look at the stability of the shower rod: the shower rod is an important support to ensure the stability of the frameless shower, the hardness and strength of the rod is an important guarantee for the impact resistance of the shower. It is recommended not to use the retractable tie bar, it is weak.

Quality is in the details, so we should pay more attention to the details when we are buying a shower, and judge whether a product is of high quality from many aspects.

The shower is closely related to our daily life, so be sure to pay attention to the quality of the pairing, to make the home life more safe and comfortable oh!


Fourth, what should I pay attention to with a shower?

  1. Shower pulleys should be lubricated.

If you have a sliding door shower installed in your home, then you need to pay attention to the maintenance of its pulleys. Generally, you should pay attention to the use of the door, gently push the movable door, do not overexert yourself to cause frontal collision, otherwise it is easy to cause the door to fall off.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the pulley and sliding rail, regularly add lubricant to prevent the sliding door is difficult to pull. Also adjust the screws of the slider regularly to prevent damage from loosening.

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2. Pay attention to the aluminum alloy frame and hardware

When cleaning and wiping down the shower frame and hardware, do not use caustic liquids, such as 84 disinfectant, which will corrode the shower frame and make it lose its shine, or rough cloths, which will leave scratches and scrapes on the shower.

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If your shower frame and hardware is made of aluminum, it is best to use a mild detergent, diluted and wiped down.

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