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Did You Choose the Right Sink for That Bathroom?

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Home space, bathroom space area is generally small, a small space but to put down the toilet, shower, basin and other essential facilities, so a reasonable choice and match, in order to make a small space comfortable and beautiful.

Bathroom decoration has been a headache, especially the design of the bathroom cabinet and basin to spend some thought, a single basin, there are stage basin, under the table basin and other distinctions, your home in the end for what kind of basin? After reading the following content will know how to choose.


The wash basin as a bathroom “face project”, the type of style is also let people pick fancy eyes, what tabletop, column type, wall-mounted, cabinet is also very delicate.

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Countertop basin                   Basin under the table


Countertop: counter basin or under the counter basin?

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Countertop basin

Advantages: the modeling of the basin on the table is many, with a large choice, can match a variety of different decoration effect, beautiful; basin around the edge of the force evenly, easy to install, but also easy to future maintenance.

Disadvantages: the installation of the basin makes the countertop cleaning more difficult, the edge of the basin and the countertop is easy to gather dirty things, there are health corners, you can’t talk about the water on the countertop directly into the sink, it will penetrate into the glass glue, leading to glass glue or glue discoloration, and even the sink will be loose.

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Under-counter basin

Advantages: under the table basin in cleaning advantage, because the edge of the basin is lower than the countertop, the water on the countertop is easy to collect in the water basin, easy to clean, no health corners; and the countertop mosaic, the overall effect of the cabinet is good.

Disadvantages: single style, not selectable; under the table basin installation is more complex, and future maintenance is also complex, so in the choice of under the table basin, we should pay special attention to the quality. And after the maintenance and replacement is also extremely complex, general choice under the table basin need to pay special attention to the quality, choose the quality of good can with a long time some.

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Column type: modeling does not occupy the place, especially suitable for the lack of space bathroom installation and use.

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Wall hanging type as the name implies is hung on the wall to use, small stature does not occupy space, simple fashion.


Before choosing, first understand the size of the bathroom cabinet countertop

Bathroom basin can not just rely on like to choose, but also according to the size of the bathroom space to choose, generally in the countertop width of less than 70 cm space installation, it is not recommended to choose a basin on the table, because the basin on both sides of the table need to leave some space, if the bathroom counter is not wide enough, after the installation of the basin will be very short, poor visual effect.

The height of the bathroom cabinet is also the key

In addition to the width of the bathroom cabinet countertop, the bathroom cabinet height is also one of the key factors to consider. If you install a washbasin, subtract the thickness of the washbasin from the total height, which will make the bathroom cabinet even lower.

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Other factors to consider

Also consider the location of water supply and drainage pipes, minimize the premise of water pipe alterations, choose the right type of basin. Faucet height will affect the use of the basin, the size of the basin with the corresponding height of the faucet, reasonable ergonomics, to create a comfortable use of the effect.

A single basin, learning can be big, not selected, not installed will affect the back of the living experience, we should choose according to the actual need for their own bathroom wash basin, to create a comfortable bathroom space.

How to choose a wash basin

Material is different, the type of basin is also different, stainless steel, porcelain, marble, glass, all have advantages and disadvantages to pick the right one on the line.


How to choose?

1, read the manual first, if it is a glazed wash basin, the lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality.
2, look at the number of faucets, most of the porcelain basin reserved single hole for mixed faucet use, when buying a basin can ask the supplier to open holes, if you open holes, it is likely to destroy the whole wash basin.
3, High quality wash basin glaze is clean, no pinholes, lack of glaze and other phenomena, and the sound made by knocking with hard objects is crisp.
4, in order to ensure their own purchase after the wash basin quality merchants timely repair, it is best to save the invoice issued by the store.

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