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Generally speaking, the aesthetic object of design aesthetics includes at least four levels: morphological aesthetics, functional aesthetics, process technology aesthetics and cultural aesthetics. In recent years, with the deepening of design culture and concept, natural ecology, social ecology and social culture and other elements related to the ultimate care of human beings have become more and more important, and aesthetics has gradually penetrated into all aspects of human culture.

So for space design, how to create the humanistic aesthetics in space and let it continuously nourish people in it? This is a path that Jiaxing Design is always exploring. We firmly believe that daily life can only release an elegant energy through the infiltration of humanistic aesthetics, and space design should evolve as an extended form of culture.

Based on the rich understanding of the aesthetics of creation and the natural tropical marine monsoon of 18°N, Sanya Yuet Bodhi takes the Southeast Asian resort style design as the entry point from the perspective of cultural integration, blends nature into the invisible, continues to renew the experience of beauty, and realizes a qualitative living space with humanistic artistic characteristics.

The lead designer said, “The multi-cultural blend of Southeast Asia has created a very unique humanistic environment, and to a certain extent, an organic combination with the natural environment. We can draw diverse design semantics from this colorful cultural system, and the collision of natural originality and humanistic aesthetic interest has a touching charm. ”



Southeast Asian Style A1

Household Type I 90㎡

As a writer once said, “cherish things, cherish fate, which is a gentle and sincere love. Let the heart pleased with the beautiful objects surrounded by, so that the view to the heart, itself is also a kind of fumigation.” The living room space in this case is fresh, pleasant, warm and elegant. The natural log color combined with the simple and refreshing layout of the space sets a relaxed tone of the space like a vacation.

The Southeast Asian style wooden lattice ceiling, simple but also varied, rustic and modern fashion atmosphere coexist. The design follows the natural quality of the space in the choice of soft decorations, combining the elements of Southeast Asian style harmoniously and roundly and presenting an aesthetic rhythm that is not out of the ordinary. The natural texture, humanistic atmosphere and ethnic style are blended in a low-profile manner, presenting an artistic temperament of harmony and elegance.

The combination of rattan and wood is the most typical Southeast Asian match. In their eyes, each kind of wood has its own spirituality, and its texture, color and texture are all languages to convey emotions. The designer condensed this natural flavor in the art of soft furnishings, creating a free living spirit with a touch of exotic mystery and modern comfort.

The rattan wood woven carpet, log sideboard and rattan coffee table all give the design a form of beautiful language expression with natural texture and texture. The fabric wall decorations with regional flavor and modern minimalist abstract decorative paintings echo each other in terms of color. The details, such as large leafy green plants, handmade feather ornaments, ethnic textured pillows and blankets, all these regional embellishments have strong visual and tactile effects, enriching the artistic atmosphere of the space.

The dining room is connected to the living room, and it can be seen that the designer has made just the right arrangement in terms of the sense of order in the composition of the form. The original wooden furniture, rattan elements combined with wood, is the same as the living room. The dining table apparatus is also simple in texture, a natural life style aesthetics. Beauty, which can nourish the heart, should be infused in every aspect of life.

With the continuous upgrading of modern space living environment, the significance of spiritual life in material life is highlighted, which requires designers to pour more aesthetic notes in the personalization and humanistic connotation. The Southeast Asian design style with its unique cultural charm and emphasis on handcrafted design with innovative consciousness and humanistic connotation has many places to be investigated and appreciated.

The master bedroom is decorated in a warm and friendly gray color, and the furniture is made of natural logs combined with local dark antique logs to create a natural and casual resort style. The fabric upholstery is made of comfortable linen fabrics, and the colors are partially decorated with elegant and quiet green.

Woven rattan and wood decorative paintings and dark wooden ceiling fans are the finishing touches to the Southeast Asian style, writing a simple temperament of symbiosis between nature and humanity.

The combination of tea room and study is compatible with the needs of socializing and living rest. The space is dominated by light colors, reflecting the oriental Zen and humanistic temperament. The wooden cabinet against the wall is still the classic rattan and wood combination, which has a rustic and elegant rhythm in nature. The abstract decorative paintings and the small ornaments on the desk give people a natural and beautiful touch because of nature.

The guest room is positioned as a daughter’s room, with a soft neutral color background, and the soft decoration is mainly modern and simple in shape, but there is no lack of some delightful creative ingenuity. The cotton and linen fabric has a rustic elegance, and the light orange and rubbery pink decorations add a freshness and vitality to the space. The combination of rattan art and natural materials, through the multiple presentations of hanging decorations, chandeliers and bedside, creates a unique natural interest and a refreshing pleasure for the heart.

A cup of tea, a sketch time, enjoy the art of living, and the most pleasant time of the day is settled here. Vibrant greenery and floral arrangements carry the hostess’s beautiful aspirations.



AMAN Resort Hotel Style B1 (No.10)

Household Type II 63.9㎡

The design of this case mainly draws on the AMAN resort style design which is introverted and low-key, environmentally friendly, and has a high cultural and aesthetic charm. The cozy, soft and comfortable atmosphere relaxes the body and mind, and the cultural atmosphere pervades from the smallest details, and the mood is fresh and profound, so that even leisure is a natural manifestation of taste.

On the whole, the living room space reveals the charm of multi-cultural, simple Scandinavian, Southeast Asian natural style has been elegant Chinese style of charm, can be found in this space traces. The living room soft furnishing performance is based on the beige series of furniture, light gray with oriental tonal pillows, with wall art hangings, creating an elegant and charming atmosphere.

The old wooden door elements in Chinese ancient buildings are permeated with a strong sense of history and culture. This familiar cultural symbol is presented in a new perspective, becoming a recreated art form that gives new life to the traditional culture. The natural greenery is vibrant and fresh, overlapping the old and the new, making the space more meaningful and long.

A corner of the tea room, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world, has a simple but elegant appearance. The dark brown wooden furniture, the artwork and daily objects throughout, give the space a daily properness and therefore more spiritual imagery.

In the bedroom space, the natural flow of artistic ink elements and wild chandeliers are designed to condense different natural artistic elements in different ways on the soft decoration. The clean and simple elegance of the style allows the space’s self-effacing sense of elegance to quietly emerge.

A space with humanistic sentiment must be a design that focuses on the human heart and spiritual world. In such a home space, one can be carefree and relaxed, releasing stress and sublimating the inner mind with the help of cultural moistening.

A lama once wrote a poem: Life is the great yoga of the Bodhisattva. Even if you have to travel far, you have to sit, drink tea, and beautify your rituals. In Sanya Yue Bodhi, there is always a correspondence between the inner abundance and the elegance of the outer world. The humanistic and aesthetic life is to construct elegant, rich and natural energy in space and in daily life with a solemn heart, which is also the design spirit that Jiaxing Design hopes to keep forever.



Thai Resort Style B1 (No.2)

House type three 63.9㎡

The space presents a casual and relaxed way of life, combining tradition, nature and fashion, a unique and practical style charm arises. At first glance, there is no prominent avant-garde personality, yet there is a unique flavor of fashion charm. The designer has condensed the natural humanistic aesthetics in this expression, which has temperature, surplus, and a quiet atmosphere of the years, making people indulge in it unconsciously.

The overall visual presentation of the living room space is simple, clean and relaxing. The gapless sense of humanity and nature is still the main direction of exploration in this space, and the broad-leaved plants overflowing with nature give the space a vivid and clear atmosphere, which is also the usual use of Thai space design.

The furniture is made of natural materials to present a simple rhythm, but there is no lack of simple, modern and fashionable lines and forms. The combination of wood and rattan chairs, fashionable and personalized minimalist sofas and round coffee tables are delicate strokes with a sense of modern elegance and style.

The cotton and linen pillows with exotic ethnic elements once again let the humanistic atmosphere of natural beauty emanate from the space, while the decorative art pieces, also continue this idea, between traditional and natural, exquisite and coarse, collide with a different charm, an affinity for modern beauty.

The bedroom space is simple and clean, allowing simplicity to create an environment where the mind can be completely empty, allowing people to wander in the poetry of nature and reap a leisurely and comfortable experience.

The soft decoration performance is based on a neutral tone series of home furniture base, with cotton and linen, wood decorations, creating a comfortable, natural and wild atmosphere. The space covers simple tones and natural patterns, a model of soft elegance. The calm black pottery bottles with wabi-sabi wind-dried flower branches and hand-crafted wall hangings have a rustic charm of a quiet time. A light gray-green color on the back wall above the bed is warm with a touch of natural poetry.

In the children’s room, the KAWS theme style is used, which is new and generous, creating a space to play and entertain.

The balcony has another kind of interest, a lazy afternoon, bathed in warm velvet sunlight, warm and peaceful, light and shadow clear as water, a glimpse of eternal tranquility and beauty in the moment of saving.


Project Name: Soft furnishing design for Sanya Yew Bodhi showroom

Project Location: Sanya, China

Client Company: Hainan Jinxiu Xintiandi Group Co.

Soft furnishing design: Shenzhen Jiaxing Design Consultant Co.

Design time: December 2020

Completion time: February 2021

Design area: A1 house type 90㎡, B1 (No.10) house type 63.9㎡, B1 (No.2) house type 63.9㎡

Photography team:ingallery

Ltd. is a young and creative and energetic comprehensive cultural design organization. Based on the passion for design, elite talents from different backgrounds have coalesced into this happy team. We are good at developing design strategies with a holistic view, while having the ability to operate independently in all aspects. Jiaxing specializes in interior design, architectural design, environmental design, soft furnishing art design and brand planning, and is committed to becoming the creator of artistic space, the transmitter of cultural concepts and the leader of creative lifestyle.

Jia Xing Design hopes to constantly take a new stance into the Eastern and Western cultures and the current reality, and to use creative design expressions to explain the understanding of humanized space. We believe that space has infinite possibilities, and the creation of scenarios can provide people with imagination of life, let people and space grow together, and inject new vitality and vitality into the future. “To do the design with vitality and give the space a vivid soul” is our wonderful original intention and the core spirit that remains unchanged in our ever-changing style trend.

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