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Secret & Polar Code

This sea

What is hidden under the deep sea

In the blue-green color of light and shadow at sea level

What emerges is a mysterious dreamy light

Inspired by the imagination of the deep sea

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640 2 31

The most beautiful section of natural scenery on the beautiful Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Promenade is in full view

It is a hotel

More is life

The poetry and faraway places in life are concentrated in this bay

As if in the midst of this great beauty

The heart opens up with it

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640 4 30

The spatial approach of the lobby continues the rustic and pure design language

Connecting materials and design themes

Timely connects each space

Dialogue with each other

The inner leisure atmosphere is built up

Sculpting the warmth and nature of the whole space after settling

640 7 30

640 8 30

The sea breeze blows into the hall

Carrying a bunch of sunlight

quietly roams into the small corners of the house

The objects in the space become warmer and warmer

Creating a sense of detachment from reality

A sense of scenery that shines into dreams

The hotel lobby has been designed to make the experience more interesting.

640 5 30

640 6 30

The design of the hotel lobby focuses on simplification

The hotel’s lobby is designed to simplify the design

A lighter, more stylish design

Stable, atmospheric tone

Gives customers a free form of returning to the essence

High floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of natural light

Extending the space by taking advantage of the outdoor sea view

Allowing guests to see the view and thermal plant landscape directly from the hall

A more comfortable view

640 9 30

640 10 28

The blue of the sky

Cape of the Sea

The blue sky

The blue makes us extend a warm force from the world of the sea

As a resort hotel

The design maximizes the leisure experience

And in the form of “precision” to release the regional culture and artistic connotation

Between the modernist minimalist colors and the colorful and deep connotation of the artwork display

creates a sharp contrast and perfect fusion

Each space carved out is enough to wash away the dust of depression of the urban crowd

The space is a perfect blend of modernism, minimalism, color and art.



Full-time restaurant

Secret & Polar Legend

“Mysterious and yearning”

is the most beautiful expectation of a trip

The legends of the mysterious sea

Waiting for you to explore


640 11 27

640 12 27

The overall layout of the dining area is natural and smooth

The color tone is mainly wood and white

Appropriate green accents make the space more colorful

In order to create a sense of transparency in the space

Therefore, glass material is used

It helps to guide the light from outside

It also adds a wide view to the space

In combination with the introduction of outdoor light

and the unique design of the ceiling

The visual effect of the whole space has a clear sense of hierarchy

640 13 27

640 14 28

640 15 26

The design of each partition in the dining area does not interrupt the integrity of the space

but also makes the whole space comfortable and beautiful

A chandelier is set above the dining table

With the resort style furniture style

Simple and generous

The dining environment creates a feeling of calmness and clarity

640 18 25

640 16 26

Stainless steel and glass are used in the dining room

Creating a clean and transparent atmosphere

Dining table and chairs are simple in style

A strong sense of modernity

Creates a sophisticated

comfortable dining atmosphere

In the use of color

with light colors as the main color

reflects the quality of the restaurant

but also makes people feel welcome and warm

640 17 25

640 22 17

In the visual focus of space and aisle

The minimalist white color

Giving the space a consistent tone

Embellished by artwork and decorative paintings with local cultural elements of Sanya

Increase the richness of the restaurant

640 19 20

Simple and pure white with natural wood color

Bringing a sense of freshness and relaxation

The accent of olive green in the middle

Injects a lively and bright atmosphere into the space

Like warm sunshine on the body

It makes people feel lighter

Refreshing color scheme, comfortable and soft furniture

We bring the lazy and relaxing coastal resort lifestyle into the restaurant

We have created an ideal place to get away from the urban jungle and enjoy a day of leisure.



Specialty Restaurants

Secret & Polar Flowers

Rare polar plants encountered during the trip

“Cactus and flower buds”

For a trip to leave a precious memory

640 21 18

640 20 19

640 24 13

The hotel’s speciality restaurants

Serving a wide range of delicacies

For guests to create an exquisite and unique culinary experience

The combination of antique glass and metal on the back of the sofa connects the entire space of the restaurant

Classic green and white tiles with vermillion dining chairs

The combination of aged antique brass and green fabric

The dining table and interlocking sofa seating add to the relaxed and casual atmosphere.

640 26 13

640 28 12

The dining room has different comfortable seating areas

designed to accommodate single people

multiple people and large events

These spaces flow smoothly in and around the middle of the restaurant

The dining area with a carousel-style sofa

Full-height floor-to-ceiling windows with ocean views

640 25 13

640 27 13

Go to the table and sit by the window

The birds passing by bring a breeze

Feel the peace and beauty of nature in the sunshine

In the face of the modernization drive

Time, efficiency

With all these words of “fast”

“Slow” seems especially luxurious

But whenever we describe something as a luxury

Does it mean that we will lose her eventually?



Guest Room

Secret & Polar Sonora

Encounter special scenery in Sonora

A reminiscence of the oasis nurtured by the earth

Feel life in the ultimate air

Create an oasis of secrecy with the vibrant fashion green and phantom purple

640 29 10

640 33 9

May you sleep until you wake up naturally

When you look out the window

You will be delighted with the beautiful scenery

The interior design of the furnishings matches the style of the space.

The designer believes that the feeling should be the first priority

The most comfortable and relaxing experience for the residents

640 30 9

640 31 9

Resting here

Facing the sea

Waking up in the warm sunlight

The sound of the waves

The curtain rolls in the sea breeze

The sea and the bedroom

Separated by a glass door

The combination of space layout and function

Use the contrast of colors and elements to make the space stylish and unique

thus creating an elegant

A hotel space with a difference

640 32 9

Every corner of the room

is a dialogue with the sea and sky

A place to linger in peace

A place where your soul is out of your mind

The sound of wind echoing in my ears

Gulls singing and birds crying

The fragrance of natural flowers and the smell of grass


I am waiting for you in the sunshine of spring, summer, autumn and winter


A beautiful fall of the Phoenix flower sea

640 34 8

Project Name | Sanya Golden Phoenix Hotel

Location | Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

Project Design | Shang Shang International (Hong Kong) Design Co.

Project Area | 22550㎡

Completion Date | May 2020

Project Nature | Commercial Space

Project Space | Hotel

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