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An Elegant Space That Is Both Ancient And Modern, Inheriting The Charm Of The East|Millo Reflections

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This case is prefaced by one of the ten most famous Chinese paintings, “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” by Wang Ximeng of the Northern Song Dynasty. In the painting, the river is vast, the mountains are undulating, the fishing village, the pavilion, the thatched cottage and the long bridge. All of them are detailed and lifelike, thus constituting a pair of beautiful landscape pictures of Jiangnan. Thus, we turn the veins of the heirloom paintings into the dynamic lines of space. In the midst of the downtown, we painted a natural realm with a thousand years of humanities as the background. It allows people who travel through the bustle of the city to be immersed in an elegant and ancient atmosphere without losing modernity and sophistication from the first step into it. It gives people a sense of belonging at first glance. Injecting the inner charm of humanity and art to create a space where life and aesthetics coexist.

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Today’s interior design not only needs to focus on solving functional needs such as sensory and experience, but also has the mission of cultural inheritance and transmission of the times. The old landscape culture, the spiritual pursuit of the literati and the traditional Chinese aesthetics are fused together to create a symbiotic and elegant space that is both ancient and modern.

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With contemporary design strokes, the designer extracts the abstract art form of oriental ink and wash to shape an elegant space that blends traditional cultural meaning with contemporary living interest. The plain background wall is decorated with ink and landscape scrolls. The dark, light, black and white are just right, lingering a bit of greenery. The oriental quietness and introspection and the contemporary sharpness and brightness are harmoniously blended into one.

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The sandbox area has an open layout. The tongue-and-groove arch shape on the top surface echoes the Chinese window flower, giving the space a contemporary oriental aesthetic charm.

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The “Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” is surrounded by mountains in the sky, reflecting the light and shadow. The rhythm is long and the meaning is far-reaching.

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The negotiation area is calm and elegant, continuing the oriental writing. The designer deconstructs the traditional Chinese culture and spirit with modern design language. The arrangement of artifacts, the splicing of materials, the presentation of forms and textures. Every detail tells the meaning of Chinese culture.

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The space is square and calm, simple and atmospheric. The rich oriental beauty is revealed at this moment. The integration of metal elements gives the space a few more modern and exquisite beauty, flashy but not vulgar, without traces of expression. It pulls the aesthetics back to the current mood and neutralizes the atmosphere of the space.

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The mountains and rivers stretch out in the light and shadows, like real and virtual, with ethereal intention and full of rhythm. It makes the visual senses more coherent and brings a sense of visual elegance and style.

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It creates a space atmosphere that is both ancient and modern, creating an immersive sensory experience. In the unique oriental humanistic space, you can escape from the glamour, get away from the hustle and bustle and purify your mind. You can feel the mood conveyed by the space, feel the tranquility of the moment, and show the comfortable and relaxed oriental humanistic temperament.

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The bright moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring flows on the stone. In the design of the tea bar, the designer evolves the elements of ink and landscape through artistic and subtle brushwork and creative imagination, turning complexity into simplicity. It creates an elegant and relaxed oriental seclusion, giving people a visual “stillness” and “purity”. There are simple and transparent mountain and stone ornaments, ancient and elegant book case design. Ink and water wanders in the subtleties of space. The real and the imaginary are in harmony with each other, and the Zen spirit is abundant.

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The space is rich in details and dignified in atmosphere. The Chinese style is full of charm. Each space maintains interconnection, but also presents different independence and privacy with the same spatial rhythm. It draws in the scene in silence, presenting a mood shuttle. It is an oriental realm of great quality. It allows customers to experience different feelings in the space and gives more continuity and diversity to the space.

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Pine and plum, bamboo, three paths but contains nourishment. It is hard to be deceived by frost and snow if you do not grow old with the dryness.

–Wang Mingsui (Song)

The designer has engraved a strong oriental mark in the space. The three friends of the year, plum, pine and bamboo. They are the favorites of the literati in the old days, and are integrated into the current space design as the finishing touch. Between squareness and roundness, regularity and spontaneity, it creates a leisurely oriental mood of the mountains, forests and gardens.

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The audio-visual room is open and atmospheric. The children’s area is designed with the entertainment and comfort of children in mind. The left door and right window provide clear and transparent light. The design follows the mood of emphasizing lines, and uses light warm colors to neutralize the gray wood color. This is fantastic without losing the sense of high quality. The design is based on the idea of line, and the light warm color is used to neutralize the gray wood color.

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▲Floor plan


Project Name|CRC-Lingnan Mansion Marketing Center

Project Type|Sales Center

Soft furnishing unit|Millo Image

Art Director: Zhang Yazhen

Project Location|Chenzhou, Hunan

Project Area|1080㎡

Completion Date|2020.08

Special thanks to China Railway, Tairong Real Estate


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Millo Reflections, a high-end soft furnishing aesthetic brand

Millo Reflections is an art-driven high-end soft furnishing aesthetic brand. It focuses on providing in-depth, comprehensive and professional high-quality overall soft furnishing design and product implementation services for spaces such as personalized private houses, villa mansions, showrooms, sales offices, hotels and clubs. Since its establishment, it has successfully created many beautiful living spaces in the country, and is committed to becoming the first brand of soft furnishing design in China.

Millo Image takes “design reconstructs the art of living” as a beautiful ideal, takes the customer as the center, respects the real needs and potential emotions of people and space ontology. We give the space a humanistic connotation and convey a beautiful way of life. We let each work have its own temperature and value.

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