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A Perfect Interpretation of Nature and Spirituality in Kunming Tianma Mountain Villas | Bluemoon Design

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To break free from the past.
Snapping out of real life.
Constructing a dialogue between art and life in the midst of the field.
Aesthetic experience for the resident in its purest form.
Searching for true self and freedom.

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Kunming, at latitude 25° north, is a fusion of mountain city and water scenery, and the song of ethnic minority customs and nature, which builds up her romantic charm of ancient elegance and warmth. Hanwha Tianma Mountain International Hotspring Resort is located here, which is an ideal cultural destination of 10,000 mu, integrating mountain hotspring, health resort, ecological tourism and leisure sports. The interior and soft decoration design of the resort experience center and its four sets of villa model rooms is led by the famous design company Brougham Design.

As one of the influential design companies in China’s current cultural and travel real estate, Brugmeng has narrated humanities, interpreted art and composed nature in the space, and created a realm of imagination with the depth of art and the temperature of local culture, realizing a living ideal of mountain courtyard life.


The night gives me black eyes

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“The night gave me black eyes,
And I use it to find light.”

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There is a convention at Bruemont that the designer needs to use an origin as the story theme of the space and use it to create a composition in the space by presenting it artistically. “The choice of the color of the red clay of the Pegasus Mountains for the background color of ‘Night’, the echo of art and nature, is what makes this stacked house special.”

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In the design of the living room and dining room, with plain burnt mill black and quiet gray as the hardcover base color, with warm curry and pine green furnishing tone, the designer laid out the aesthetic level of space through the profound mood depicted by poetry, and inspired by art to live a manly life.

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The fashionable combination of art installations and mirrors, fresh dried flowers and scattered monogram lighting……. The designer flexibly deconstructs the aesthetics of art and shapes the “spirituality” of the space with a strong visual impression.

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Through humanistic design and clever decoration, the designer creates the mood and emotion of the space. The resting space is defined by an abstract installation, the interlocking texture of the installation and the dense grill form a contrast and interaction.

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The flowering branches growing out of the complex backgrounds are the finishing touch to the boys’ room and have a special meaning.



Deconstruction – Reorganization – A New World

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“If one follows in the footsteps of established style and design theory.
There would be no new world of freedom.”


This stacked villa was inspired by Faye Toogood’s graffiti on a tapestry. The designers at Brumont are adept at deconstructing culture, fashion and trends, and an image, pattern or just a word from any life has the potential to inspire creativity and inspiration.

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Contemporary and vintage techniques, high-key color schemes, abstract paintings and geometric aesthetics combine to create an aesthetically pleasing new space, where color and geometry collide.

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The designer takes a calm and equal view of fashion, harmonizes it with contemporary design, and creates her own unique power. The abstract wall painting defines the temperament of the space, while the multi-coloured and interesting geometric forms move the viewer with intuitive thoughts in the space.

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Geometric lines and deformations, regular and irregular, orderly and messy, simple and complex, combine to create something new in the collision, and freely interpret fashionable interests beyond the beauty of order, on top of shapes and images.

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In the space, simple and abstract geometric elements decorate the space, inventive furniture and ornaments, both retro and fashionable.

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Gorgeous exotic colors and magnificent artistic imagination combine to form a living space full of emotions. The seemingly high-key color scheme, fabric, wood carving, rattan, pottery and other craft forms of furniture and accessories, under the pen of the designer’s fusion of appropriate.

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Breaking boundaries and freedom, the designer uses new imagery to integrate the spirit of fashion and humanistic heritage into the design of the space, giving back to the users of the place and transferring it to life itself.



Beast Pie can also be very good

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“Art doesn’t need to be framed,

Rather, it is to be evolved and applied.”

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“The house, it looks like a girl with a personality, she’s not so good, but she’s pure.” The blue sky outside the window, inside the house, the grass caressed by the breeze, the statue of a woman on the slight side of the body, the seemingly randomly scattered still life, wrapped in a thin piece of smoke powder, these elements are structurally arranged and combined in space to look beautiful and interesting.

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Matisse’s art of painting inspired the designer. The space is a lively ensemble of shades of pink, fauvist oil colors, small furniture pieces, rhythmic accessories, and slightly vintage plots.

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The atmosphere created by different colors, the texture of different materials, the overall seemingly random space, but in fact all the objects and characters are carefully set and arranged, presenting a dramatic artistic charm.

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Camellia lamps made of paper art are lit up with hazy light and shadows in a cluster of petals. Matisse’s paintings are installed on the walls, bold, simple and powerful. In the space, art and design are intertwined, making people feel the joy of life.

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A little wild, a little free

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“I want to slow time down,

to find some kind of ideal civilization in nature.

People really live freely.”

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“Random spring fragrance rest, back to nature, this is a special pure state of life. The essence of design comes from nature, and the temperature comes from humanity, in the endless imagination of art, rich emotions and the gapless connection of local humanities and customs, let life return to life, let art return to the earth.”

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The entire space is clean and pure, with oak brown and sandstone yellow as the hardcover base, with furniture with natural texture, chic ornaments, randomly picked wildflowers, in a combination of objects and shapes, depicting the return to the basics of the mood.

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Rustic texture, boastful colors and pure colors……. From the designer’s point of view, whether coarse or delicate, pure or rich, they all come from the aesthetic insight of lifestyle.

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In the sunshine and twilight, people freely wander in the poetry of nature.

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With a unique expression technique, the designer integrates humanities and art into the picture. The distinctive layers of the background wall, the beauty of the wood texture and the order of light and shadow of the art lighting create an interesting space.

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The design continues the low-saturation color combination, let the purple wildflowers become a space of outstanding works of art, produce a leisurely visual sense of space.

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The design of the boy’s room presents artistic minimalist fun, with orderly abstract art paintings, has the heart of the natural simplicity and clean, and injected into the breath of fresh and dynamic.

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The girl’s room is full of innocent and artistic style, creating a bright and lively atmosphere of romanticism. In BMI’s design culture, “humanity” and “art” are the presentation of the soul, and through exploring the local culture and incorporating artistic tastes, a warm and meaningful cultural travel space is finally realized.



Design, resonating with nature

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The design is inspired by nature and humanity,

but it is not just realised,

but combined with the contemporary, purified, created and then sublimated.

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In Brougham’s design language, civilization, spirit and emotion are the main characters of the space, and the pulse of local culture is quietly expressed. The huge stone landscape in the front hall is the masterpiece of the space. The staggered and overlapping human-shaped houses open up a courtyard, incorporating natural light, majestic power and beauty and flowing charm in the interior.

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“The original idea for this experience center came from camellia and tea broth. ‘Tea’ is a characteristic of Yunnan, and in the design process we purified and treated it as the main tone of the space, and therefore, all the large surface colors in the space look like they have been soaked in tea broth, ‘flowers’ is the embellishment of the space, romantic and beautiful. ”

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640 129

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640 131

“Drunken under camellia flowers, but over the West Village to watch the sunset.” The design is inspired by the white tones of camellia and the smoky red of the sunset, giving the spacious interior an ancient and warm charm.

A good design, from the large space to the small details of objects, is a kind of cultural accumulation. The designer excavates themes and inspirations from traditional art, and comprehends emotions from local natural features and ethnic customs, vividly showing the elegance, richness and spirituality of cultural life.

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“Yunnan is famous for its batik technique, and we also include such regional humanity in our thinking system based on contemporary design.”

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Batik dyeing and weaving are local handicraft techniques that have been passed down for thousands of years, embodying the perseverance of artisans for years and years, as well as the song of long history and the light of colorful humanity. The giant pendants take inspiration from batik and weaving, creating a thrilling visual beauty in the space.

The beautiful red in the shadows and the blue in the strands, the refined temperament and the dynamic lines, which transform objects into emotions, are a metaphor for the temperament and power of humanism.

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640 139

640 140

The oriental color “red” adds more charm and elegance, and the ornaments from local minority groups with their own unique style poetically construct the impression of a paradise – self-sufficient, unique, tranquil, elegant, and cleansing the heart.

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640 143

640 144

640 145

640 146

What Brumeng ponders here is the dialogue, collision and fusion of national culture and spatial context, and they trace the origin of national culture with warm brushstrokes.

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“The aesthetics of contemporary design should be pluralistic, especially cultural travel design. In the long history, people have accumulated rich experience in production and life, creating different forms of culture and making it the origin of knowledge creation.”

The designer has skillfully chosen the colors of ink, red and blue, embellished screens, floral art, porcelain, art carvings, silver, necklaces and other ethnic folklore imagery, used cloth weaving, rattan, wood carvings, pottery and other craft forms, meticulously outlining and integrating the expression, to create a humanistic space of graceful Chuchu on the level of shape and phase.

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640 160

Culture should not be exaggerated, but truly explored and applied. The ornaments in the space, whether ancient or rugged, delicate or soft, all have the shadow of culture and nature, which are inherited and evolve.

640 161

640 162

Clear glass bricks and wooden grills enclosing an open tea area, space imagery of simple and clumsy, black and red combined with ancient elegance, simple and simple artifacts, but cohesion of a strong humanistic spirit of the weather.

640 163

640 164

From the regional characteristics of tracing the origin, starting from the spirit of the times, as if the vast region, rolling hills, the river running, the natural upright trees, grass, blooming flowers, flying birds, life and culture of tie-dye, clothing, embroidery, are the materials of the designer.

640 165

640 166

In the space, the color of camellia forms the main tone, the texture of the stone, the shape of the roof tile, and the clear spirit of the glaze, which are all charming in their simplicity and radiant in their warmth.

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The romantic design of Brugemont, by virtue of the endless inspiration and imagination brought about by the natural and local amorous atmosphere of the area, uses a contemporary art method to blend the thickness of humanistic depths and the boundless boundaries of art in the creation of the space, and between the virtual and realistic, touches the humanistic pursuit in the depths of our souls with the spatial expressions of unique, meaningful and beautiful.


Project name: Hanwha Tianma Mountain Show Apartment, Kunming
Project address: Kunming, Yunnan
Project area: 100.98㎡ for C1 / 186㎡ for L / 150.23㎡ for D / 261.83㎡ for C3 / 1,053㎡ for sales office
Developer: Yunnan Hanhua Hot Spring International Tourism Resort Co.
Interior design: Brougham Design
Soft furnishings design: Bloemen Guillory
Designed by Bang Bang and Liangwei Tian
Design Team: Zhang Hao, Ding Jianqiu, Fu Manhong, Zhong Xi, Yang Junting, Wang Dongxue, Li Daqian
Photography by Soar

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Shenzhen Bluemoon Interior Design Co., Ltd. is also known as Bluemoon, which means that it is a rare opportunity to come across a beautiful heart. Bluemoon was born in 2002, the company has been focusing on the field of interior and exterior space design, soft furnishings design, services include hotels, clubs, sales center, model homes and so on.

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BMI Kelly Lin

Founder of BMI Design|Creative Director


With 18 years of experience, BMI now has an international design team of more than 150 people. As one of the representatives of Chinese interior design, BMI has always been standing at the height of international vision, integrating the artistic wisdom and inspiration of nature, perfectly integrating aesthetic qualities and design consciousness to create a unique style for each project that is beyond imagination. Today, BMI Design is not only a leader in modern luxury urban real estate design, but also one of the most influential contemporary cultural and travel real estate design companies in China.

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Design Director

Tian Liangwei

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