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400 Square Meters Of Urban Mansion, The Life Really Left To The Residents丨Shenzhen Jiudou Design

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“Private house projects are different from model rooms that only present various beautiful possibilities. A private residence is a comfortable place where the owner actually wants to live with his family members. Therefore, in the COFCO-Longxi case, we hope to match the owner’s real needs at the moment, no matter in the perfection of functions or in the creation of atmosphere, and take into account the life cycle of future use as much as possible, to realize the orderly interweaving of daily movement, parent-child interaction and lifestyle in the space.” The designer talks about the overall conception of this case.

Compared with the unique presentation of creative forms, Shenzhen Jiudou Design pays more attention to the comfortable experience of the residents and their families to truly live in the high-end private residential projects, playing on its more than ten years of research and practical experience in the residential field. Whether in the aesthetic taste, artistic scale or home storage system, it continues the core concept of “love for life”. It truly leaves life to the residents who live with the space day and night, and satisfies all the beautiful visions.

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The core advantage of Shenzhen Jiudou Design in residential design is that it has always researched deeply into product thinking. Its understanding of high-end private residence is based on the integration of quality demands, taste matching and passion for life. The preference of different family members becomes an important inspiration reference for designers.

White is the soul of modern urban style, and is the perfect color to reflect the wide scale and natural light of the living room. The designer carved the white tone to depict the art of details. It also infuses the space with strong and gorgeous red tones in the form of small accents, breaking the stereotypical atmosphere of pure contemporary.

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△ Living Room

Velvet single chair, leather sofa, lacquered dog ornaments, crystal tassel lightings, and gold art installation paintings. All the combinations in the space, through the designer’s sequence planning, inject a touch of lively and dynamic charm, allowing the residents to taste the artistic sense of life and fireworks at the same time.

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△ Dining Room

The dining room design continues the carved details on the ceiling and walls. Considering that in actual life, the dining room is more functional than aesthetically appealing. The designer uses an open layout to shorten the distance between the dining room and the kitchen and living room to enhance the emotional link between the family members in a subtle way.

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△ Bookcase

Under the designer’s pen, the staircase is not only a partition and transition of static and dynamic partitions, but also an independent corner for resting, relaxing and reading with bookshelves and sofas. Here, function and aesthetics go hand in hand. The designer used three seemingly conflicting bright colors of dark green, beige and aquamarine to color the space. When the sunlight pours in, a sense of quietness and tranquility arises.

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△ Family entertainment room

The family entertainment room is a place for the family to relax, entertain, talk and share after tea and dinner. The designer has given it a spacious layout with sunken sofas for many people to sit around and an open space for children to play. Gold wall decorations, watercolor stained carpets and trendy play pieces add a touch of color to the pure white and simple space. The residents and their families gather here to enjoy a comfortable leisure time.

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For more than ten years, Shenzhen Jiudou Design has understood the clever use of product thinking in residential design, and designed high-quality ideal homes for owners with a professional system and human-oriented care. In this private residence of COFCO Longxi, the designer first understands the needs, and then dismantles, deepens and realizes them one by one. The design direction is not dominated by a single aesthetic category, but takes into account the perfection of function and the reality of experience, and finally truly designs for life and for real living.


Project Name | COFCO Longxi Private Residence

Location | Shenyang, China

Project Area | 400㎡

Interior and Soft Decoration Design | Shenzhen Jiudou Design

Design Director | Yang Fei, Yang Nan

Design Team | Li Dongguang, Liu Shu, Li Jinlong, Zhao Yue

Project Photography | Zhong Yonggang


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Shenzhen Jiudou Space Interior Design Co. It now has a professional design team of more than 80 people and is a full-service interior design agency integrating interior design and soft furnishing design. It provides integrated interior and soft furnishing design for top real estate companies such as sales offices and clubs, educational institutions, high-end residential properties, star hotels and boutique hotels.

With the pure belief and ideal of improving the living environment, the company has a special “Residential Industrialization Research and Development Center” to conduct comprehensive and in-depth research on the whole process of real estate decoration solutions. Over the years, with global design orientation, professional integration ability and rich experience in real estate design management, the company insists on “love for life” and implanting product thinking into design, and has provided standardized system solutions for many real estate developers for more than 10 years. In recent years, with the original intention of “Wonderful for Education”, Shenzhen Jiudou Design has realized the human-oriented campus design for many education groups.

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