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Chelsea Red + White, The Pace Of Light Children’s Dream Paradise | Highly Design

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Modern│Fashion│Children’s Interest│Art

The work of this time originates from Xishian Shijia. It is a new work of Wuxiang jointly authored by Datang, Zhongliang and Galaxy, creating a model of urban elite life belonging to Wuxiang.

Based on the requirement of weakening the commercial atmosphere of the product, the designers searched for representative elements and forms to reflect the local culture according to the locality, and based on creating a light and dynamic modern art space.


Dream Land

Follow the marketing demand to create a child’s dream theme space. Inspired by architectural design language, combined with fashion elements and bright and sunny colors. It well conceals the spiritual core conveyed by this case. It gives customers a new, sunny and fashionable space experience. The hard decoration is mainly in gray and white, and the soft decoration matches the hard decoration space, embellished with red and gold.


Dream Departure

A large art installation “Wave of Light” at the top of the sandbox area guides the key area of the first floor, metaphorically discovering the Aurora Borealis. Combined with the undulating and interlocking lines, it resembles a spinning pleated skirt and dancing water sleeves, swaying and fluttering like a charm.


Spiritual Space

The layout of space unfolds with the form shaped by the building. Combining function and demand, the spatial design makes full use of the glass curtain wall, not blocking the outdoor landscape, and shaping the interaction between people and nature, light, and the interior.


The Secret Place

The artwork interspersed in the space enhances the expressiveness of the space and gives visitors more imagination and interactive experience of art. The negotiation area is set up by the window, and the whole space is dominated by warm white tone. It is embellished with carrion red, which is transparent and elegant, and at the same time allows the space to better echo and integrate with the outdoor landscape, complementing each other.

Accessories matching with the architecture are interspersed in the interior. Of course, the children’s favorite fairy tale deer and Mickey Mouse are not forgotten, and the creativity and art blend together. It makes the quiet place of negotiation become interesting.


City in the Sky

The book shelf combined with Mickey’s head makes the whole space feel full of childishness. The crystal chandelier hanging down from the second floor maps the dream and reality, triggering people’s reverie for a better future.

The staircase folds down with simple lines, and the light balustrade curves and flows with a hundred twists and turns. The designer uses light white tones and natural warm colors to express this, which fits perfectly with the surrounding art installations. In an “unconventional” form, it shows people a new vision of art.

Coinciding with

White Dream Fairy Tale

The natural and permeable water bar, behind which the walls are made of translucent stone, is a whole surface pavement. It is a monotonous and boring plane, cleverly transformed into a very three-dimensional visual art. Various patterns will be like flowing clouds, very beautiful and elegant, clean and clear. It is a beautiful and unchanging, like a daydream, intoxicating.

▲ Project plan


Project Name

Ownership | Zhongliang Real Estate

Project Location | GuangXinNing

Type of project | Sales Department

Design Area | Approx. 450㎡

Completion Date | 2021.5

Interior Design | Highly Space Design


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