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1.The washing machine faucet purchase

Quick-open is often used in washing machine faucets. Most of the plastic tubes in the market are currently four-pointed, but like Samsung and Dr., Siemens’ washing machines are six-point, so pay attention when buying. What brand is your own washing machine?

2.The material of the angle valve handwheel

Good quality angle valves are generally made up of fine copper valve body and ceramic valve core, but the material of the hand wheel is different. The common one is ABS material. Compared with the metal handwheel, the durability is naturally low. So the price is also cheap.

3.Bouncing the water separator and flip the popper

The advantage of bouncing the water purifier is obvious. It is quick and convenient to play, saves trouble, and is easy to clean. The flipping water is easy to plug, and it is more difficult to open when draining, but the service life of the flipping water is generally longer than the bouncing type. Generally, if the washbasin itself has an overflow hole, it is necessary to purchase a drainer with the same overflow.

4.Stainless steel braided hose and bellows

Hose faucets, showers, bathtubs, etc. all need hoses, but these two are good or bad, such as the water inlet pipe of the water heater, the inlet pipe of the faucet, etc., the water quality is poor, and the bellows are used in places with higher temperature. Good and more durable. And it must be perpendicular to the joint when installing. It cannot be bent at the same part many times, otherwise it will leak or burst easily.

5.Single button hose and double buckle hose

When we buy a hose, we will find that some of them are not the same. Only one side has a nut and the other side does not. We have the same double buckle on both sides. The double buckle is used in the double-hole hot and cold faucet, water heater and toilet. The single-cooled kitchen faucet, while the single-buckle hose is used for the single-hole kitchen hot and cold faucet for the inlet pipe.

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