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You should know before buying a faucet

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Is the material healthy?

At present, the most common faucet materials on the market are cast iron, copper, alloy, ceramic, stainless steel, and so on. Cast iron faucet due to rust, easy to attach microorganisms and heavy metal elements, gradually eliminated. Alloy faucets are harmful to the human body and are not durable. Copper faucets are the most widely used. When buying, it is best to choose a regular brand to ensure that the lead content does not exceed 5 micrograms per liter.

In addition to the above materials, industry workers are also working hard to develop healthier materials by breaking through the technical challenges of production. As the first brand to pass the faucet metal pollution precipitation monitoring certification, JOMOO launched in 2014 the gold silicon healthy faucet, with beneficial silicon instead of lead, and combined with antibacterial copper materials, from the source to abandon the traditional lead washing process. Make the safety standard is better than the 2014 new national standard and the U.S. NSF lead-free standard. This result greatly ensures the safety of the faucet in terms of materials.

Is the coating bright enough for you?

The coating not only makes the faucet look better, but also acts as an anti-corrosion and anti-rust agent. When buying, you can visually inspect the surface of the plating to see if it is shiny. If the plating is too thin, the surface of the faucet will be easily oxidized by air over time. In addition, no protective film coating is also easy to fade. JOMOO applied PVD physical vacuum coating technology on the coating, so that the faucet surface is more wear-resistant, long-term to maintain a bright as new.

Is the handle convenient?

At present, the faucets sold in the market can be divided into spiral, wrench, lift, and induction type according to the switching method. Spiral switch, need to rotate a lot of circles, the use of more trouble. Lifting and wrenching can use a lift a drop or a turn a liter of water, and according to the open-angle control water flow, convenient health. Sensor faucets automatically dispense water as soon as it reaches under the faucet, which can help prevent the spread of bacteria, but is sometimes slow to respond and mostly do not control the flow of water.

Among several types, the spiral switch is inconvenient to use and easy to loosen and corrode, so it is generally not recommended to buy. The remaining types can be selected according to the needs of different use cases.


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