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Wood + Texture Paint, Depicting The True Nature Of Life And Office | Guanzhi Design

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Let the temperature of life write a poetic office

Medicine applies a lot of human science knowledge in addition to biological knowledge, and this itself is a “most delicate art”

— Nightingale

Pushing the conventional boundaries

No longer a single feeling, but a diverse office experience

Integrating functional science X humanistic art X spiritual care X natural ecology

Integrate into medical office to create a new type of medical office space

The building is a new type of medical office space, which expresses admiration and longing for a bright future.

▲Aerial view and building exterior

Huadu Life Science Valley, based on the concept of “new industrial era”, adapts to the future form by creating a beautiful and pleasant industrial working environment. The project consists of a variety of industrial modules of different heights, and is equipped with a rich variety of supporting facilities such as exhibition halls, cultural, sports, entertainment and catering, and is integrated with work interaction. The higher floor height gives flexible and variable use space, and the vertical three-dimensional design and multi-directional curtain wall design allow the owners to enjoy peace in the natural environment and integrate the concept of art.


The place of space, blooming life

Let living spirits infect life

In the era of uncertainty, we need this balance to coalesce the concentration of life and re-examine the details and relationship between nature and life. The human heart is also undergoing subtle changes, and there has always been a kind of translation code between living spirits and life, as well as a rational draw on nature.

The reflection is in the water, where ‘he’ is reborn, and the living being and the life should have a ‘blue vein’ and a ‘reload’. There is an umbilical cord between them, passing on the DNA of culture, which is the continuation of life. The warmth of living beings, the sunlight, infects the life and body of “he”, and everything in the world is infiltrated with its unique beauty, and the path of life is the ultimate in beauty.


The search for truth in life

We see life as a kind of adventure, exploring new worlds, discovering new things, creating new art, searching for new feelings.


The painting is reflected in and out of the scene

▲Botany and Ecology

Reflecting the body and media

The dandelion is scattered by the wind

The dandelions are scattered by the wind.

▲Every detail contains a reflection on ecology and nature


A sensual perception of thoughts

The simplicity of the space depicts the true nature of life and office, and the multiple functions of the space implant connotation, regain and think about the limitations. The quietness of wood and the texture and touch of beige texture paint increase the texture of the space, and the meeting area, negotiation area and reading bar area are combined together in an open way.

▲Multifunctional area-breaking the solidification of space function

 ▲Art Installation: The Awakening of Little Boy

We all have a passion for life and a desire to live it. Tranquility is a mirror, not only to see ourselves clearly but also to awaken our hearts, to reflect our inner being and to reflect our true nature. It is also the model of society, the model of everything, and the model of life.

▲The design process of the art installation

▲Recovering and recreating

The cognitive scale between living organisms, nature, plant and animal ecology, the interpretation of the vitality of self-propagation, the intertwining of humanistic and scientific spirits. This is the bond of life that perpetuates the civilization of living organisms.

▲Art coffee table design process

Nature blossoms and continues the beauty of life, and records it with art, freezing the beauty of this moment, quietness and imagination, swing and land, natural coloring, brewing vitality, light and shadow and texture, the delicacy of blending, and the comfortable soothing quiet.


The quest for life

We sometimes feel driven by this quest, we always have a goal in mind, a never-ending pursuit of values, biological factors, needs, interests and desires. It is infused in every bit of our behavior and thinking.

  ▲Office area, combined with the combination mode of book bar and negotiation area

The transparent light enjoyment is comfortable and flexible between rest and office. The corona of light swirls into the space, allowing the temperature of wind and sunshine to infect every corner, scattered under the regular and straight lines of space, simple and gentle office area.


Light and shadow interspersed, blurring the boundaries

The mood follows the function

Flowering branches sway and intersperse. The gesture of floral art outlines the level of details, creating a relaxed, interactive and communicative office area. A breath of life pervades in the midst of quiet nature.


Rigorous search for science

Scientific thought and scientific literacy are the inquiry from aesthetic appreciation, and the language of biology is used to organize and build the space.

▲Casual and relaxing book bar and multi-functional area


An active examination of life

The design injects soul into the functional space, the static of space and the clarity of artifacts. The people who live in it feel its temperature in its static, coalesce emotional attitude and induce humanistic atmosphere.

▲Tea Room

In the smooth and accommodating state under the swaying light of maple leaves, it is also a leisurely way to sip tea and enjoy the fragrance.

▲Private room

The light and shadows are like flowing in the leather interior, flowing in the stone surface of the dining table, and the natural and tranquil atmosphere flows gently in between.

▲Single Suite

The gentle, subtle texture of wood glows with a different texture of details, spreading the space and permeating the quality, well ordered attitude of life.

▲Outdoor Terrace

The outdoor terrace is a relaxing place for office and party, with a charming night view and a wide field of vision, and a chic silhouette reflected by the night. Life is full of poetry, and the spirit, realm and level are seen in the smallest details.


Project Name: Huadu Hejing Life Science Valley Showroom
Owner: Hedgeview Group
Soft furnishing design: Guangzhou Guanzhi Decoration Design Co.
Design Team: Huajin Ye, Suting Lin, Carmen Xu, Evelyn Feng, Agile Wang
Design Location: Huadu, Guangdong
Project Photographer: Huang Zhaowei

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