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292m2 Spring City Large Flat Floor, Full Of Poetic Modern Light Luxury Style | Meizhong Design

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Apple scented waves are warm and cloudy, fishing oar and woodcutter songs are on the waterfront. The weather is always like February and March, and the flowering branches keep springing up in all seasons.

–The Sea of Yunnan Song

The rhythm of Kunming’s light and shadow harmony, the day of the spring city – “morning dew”, “afternoon sun”, “sunset star” became the main line of design planning and dynamic, using modern abstract treatment, integrated into the staggered soft furnishings, to glimpse different aspects of life.




The area planning of this case takes the imagination of “a day in Spring City” as the emotional thread of the story, and starts the spatial narration from the entrance. The combination of black lacquered wood and metal, with different luster and roundness, extends the keynote of the space from outside to inside – free and spontaneous. With the moon falling on the mountain, the artwork of dewdrops and the greenery of hanging clocks, every small and big object is properly used to spread the emotion of the space in both senses and substance, so that every morning carries the promise of beauty.

As the starting point of the story of this case, the entrance hall, while reconciling different contents and expressions, precisely grasps the changes of local light and shadow, and integrates the tone of aesthetics into various scenarios of modern lifestyle.


Richness of spirit and substance

Following the shift of light and shadow to the dining area, the eyes are immediately attracted. Surrounded by leather dining chairs, things appear like flowers in bloom. The chandelier, which is a metaphor for the flowers of Spring City, is suspended. With the designer’s control of color and temperature, objects of all sizes are illuminated while maintaining a natural texture.

The light visual effect of the objects, materials and the staggering of the heights, like poetry, express the comfortable rhythm and rhythm of the space. The practical objects, such as wine glasses, flower vessels and serving utensils, are either lifted or held, or held or placed. All of them are both functionalism and modern aesthetics. In contrast, art installations and ornaments are only applicable things, often they balance our spiritual and substantive abundance, making life poetic and elastic, giving a moment of relaxation in a tense life.

What is truly beautiful in life must be aligned with nature on the one hand and with the ideal on the other.

–Schiller, The Book of Aesthetic Education




Entering the living room, the eye slowly wanders along the structure of the space and the rounded curves of the objects. Thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows, the afternoon sun is introduced. The beauty of the objects seems to blur on the boundary between nature and craftsmanship, allowing the comfortable atmosphere of the objects themselves to spread out.

Under the modern sense created by the smooth curved ceiling, the space is clearly layered and can be seen from near and far. The afternoon gathering slowly extends around the coffee table in the shape of a metaphorical “seed breaking out”, which echoes the expression at the entrance while balancing the different weights in the space. The wall is decorated with natural imported cold jade marble abstraction, making the space more natural. On the other side, the shell wine cabinet made of exclusive custom-made all stainless steel, special glass and white crystal adds futuristic and playfulness to the space on the basis of satisfying the collection of Czech crystal wine ware.

Physical ease, comfort and letting warmth pervade silently became our highest salute to the space and the artifacts.

By embellishing spring city green in the plain field created by the uniform color, we break the original thin visual feeling and make the vested emotions born in the space more abundant and lively. Through modern technology, stone, metal and glass, which are not originally warm, are given their unique warmth by the warm light of the afternoon and the emotions of the characters.




Passing through the foyer into the master bedroom, the warm light gradually eases and the rhythm of the space seems to slow down.

We eliminate the tediousness of pure aesthetic form through soft bedding and various shapes of lamps and lanterns, while abandoning the traditional chandelier as a point source of light to set the atmosphere of the space and increase the thickness of emotion and life for the imagination and presentation of good life.

The designer decorated the master bedroom lounge area and the end of the checkroom with “Starry Night” art paintings, which are wrapped with clear crystals and gold leaf in imported resin against the background of the metaphorical night of Kunming city. Under the light, the refraction of starlight, like the charming summer night, gives us a beautiful feeling and nourishes the gentle growth of space emotionally in reverse.

The children’s room on the side of the master bedroom is designed and planned with the theme of fencing, and the whole space is not overly narrated in a gentle way, but more focused on the presentation of straightforward thematic ideas. The custom-made bedding and furniture are made with dynamic blue color and smooth curve shape to create a vibrant and sunny atmosphere. The content of wall and back wall paintings and accessories were chosen to express the theme of fencing while taking into account aesthetic interest.

Schiller mentioned in his “Aesthetic Brief”: Passive and active, material and form, finite and infinite. They are not exclusive in the aesthetic state and can be interdependent. There can be moral freedom in the case of material dependence, proving that sensibility and rationality can be compatible, and that from the aesthetic state one can progress to any higher stage.

In our design thinking of this case, we do not simply pursue the concept of modernity and light luxury, but on the basis that the aesthetic state is both free from external limitations and follows the laws that it has in itself. It integrates the local landscape and humanities through figurative and abstract techniques, attaching the measurable material and immeasurable things to materials and colors. The richness presented by the overlapping of connections is both warm and interesting.

▲Floor plan


Design Director|Tian Ye

Creative Team|Zhu Shuai Hong Zhonglei Bi Jianxiong

A Support|Hu Qian Yin Ruchao

Photography Agency|Photo Gallery

Project Name|Rongchuang Kunming Cultural Tourism City A25 Model Room

Project Location|Yunnan. Kunming

Project Type|Model Room

Project Area|292 sq.m.

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