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What are the faucet accessories

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A faucet may seem like a simple product. In fact, there are still many accessories, especially when the faucet is malfunctioning, so is it the whole faucet or replacement? From an economic standpoint, faucet replacement parts are naturally more Cost-effective, so why not make it happen when replacement parts are available? So what are the faucet accessories? How should it be replaced? Here’s a look at some of the more common faucet parts and pricing issues.


Faucet Valve Core

For the faucet, the valve spool can be said to be the most central part. The importance of the valve spool is obvious. There are many types of spool on the market. First, the spool can be divided into ceramic spool, omni-directional spool, new steel ball valve, axle roller spool and so on according to the material. For the price of faucet parts, the price of the spool is generally not high, ceramic and copper prices are slightly higher, consumers can purchase.


Foam Machine

It is to turn the water into bubbles, making it softer and more comfortable to use.


Faucet Handle

Handles are naturally a very important aspect when it comes to faucet accessories. For the faucets used in our homes, handle problems are also very common, so replacing the handle is naturally a common occurrence. And in terms of handling, the current trend of handle shapes and materials also shows a diversification, consumers have more choices. In the price of faucet accessories, the price of the handle varies according to the material and process.


Faucet Body

The faucet valve body refers to the entire appearance of the faucet. Nowadays, the market is rich in faucet valve body materials, including stainless steel valve body, cast iron valve body, all-plastic valve body, brass valve body, zinc alloy valve body between, stainless steel faucet valve body is the most commonly used, and zinc alloy valve body is the best quality and cost-effective. We should fully consider its cost effectiveness and longevity.


Faucet Hose

The faucet fitting hose is used for incoming and outgoing water. A faucet fitting hose with a length of 50 cm is the most suitable. When buying a faucet hose, make sure that you do not buy an aluminum wire hose. But the best way is to hold it tightly behind your hand. When the hand is loosened, the hose will turn black and the aluminum wire pipe will not change. The hose is also very important in the faucet fittings.

These are a few of the major faucet accessories and their prices, so consumers can choose the right accessories according to their needs.



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