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Wabi-Sabi Style, Interpretation Of Immersive Art Aesthetics丨Fira Design

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Life is a journey. Constantly exploring and searching, looking for the true self, looking for a place to belong.

The owner is a girl living alone, the pursuit of perfectionism, both in design and construction details are excellence. For us, it is a good test. At the beginning of the design and the subsequent construction landing, the ideal state of both parties was achieved. The output of another full-project work, the landing reality highly matches with the rendering, and the details and quality reach the expected value.




Top arched surface, suspended ball, blue and red color clash. A conceptual theme is thus unfolded.

The original foyer is square and narrow, and the space is re-planned to extend the depth of the foyer.

In the form of an art gallery, an immersive aesthetics is carried.




The “wabi-sabi style” looks poor, but is actually a way to wash away the most essential needs of people, and looks sad, but is humbly in harmony with nature. No matter how new things are, how new the memories are, they will eventually become “dated” in the second-hand market, but they are still beautiful. Let people return to peace and seek their true selves.

A large area of warm and natural wood veneer is used. Travertine creates a natural and rustic feeling of space. Dark red single chairs and decorative paintings create a visual centerpiece, creating a gentle, calm and light wabi-sabi aesthetic.

The designer breaks up the fragmented space and reorganizes the entire structure of the interior space. The main and secondary lines of each area were changed, and the house’s strengths were explored and put to good use by rearranging and combining them.

The original wood-colored furniture, cotton and linen textiles, and brushed leather upholstery are overlaid with a natural and original atmosphere. It is a fusion of modernism and wabi-sabi style, with the language of design flowing from the simplicity.

The change of the entrance hall leaves enough space for the western kitchen and dining room.

It satisfies her love for having a western kitchen with a central island.



Master bedroom

Changing the flow line, the adjacent bedroom was changed into an open study and used as the entrance to the master bedroom. The former entrance part is incorporated into the bathroom and checkroom. The space is optimized and the comfort level is improved while the living room is kept in a more complete state.

The background of the bed is made into a joint storage cabinet. The design of the cabinet door as an extension of the background modeling to enhance storage and hide its functionality is more clean and harmonious.




The connection between the master bedroom and the bathroom is handled in the form of transparent glass and off-axis door.

The space is transparent, coherent and independent.

The top of the bathtub is similar to the entrance hall, with a curved shape and a light strip embedded in it.

The top of the bathtub is similar to the entrance hall, and the curved shape is embedded with a light band, so that you can enjoy a small view while taking a bath, which is a subtle point of design.



The study

The state of living alone is not limited. Instead of being disturbed, the open study allows more space for communication and sharing with light.



Second bedroom

A room planned for parents who will come to stay with us. The bedside table is integrated with the background in the form of an overhang and can be used as a desk.

▲Original structure & floor plan

Designer’s small feeling.

The design is a language to express emotion, I try to express the feeling of life through design, give the space emotion and soul, and explore the meaning of design with the simplest language!


Design Institution I Fira Design

Project Address I Oriental Residence

Project type I Full project

Area I 198㎡

Room type I Four rooms, two halls and three bathrooms

Photographer I Lin Feng

Founder / Design Director: Song Xiongfei

Major: Environmental Art Design


Abandoning the inherent thinking and seeking all possibilities to bring design back to life


Song Xiongfei, specializing in interior space design, founded his own brand company “Fira Design”. Leading a team of young people with lofty design dreams, he has been seeking breakthroughs in the contradictions of design. He is good at combining life to reorganize space and bring out the best features of space. He emphasizes the balance of function and aesthetics, and respects the real needs of users. The way of life determines the shape of the space, and we have created their own unique home for many owners.


Main performance and awards.

Top Ten Outstanding Design Youth of the Design Expo Huading Award.

China Space Design Art Competition – Innovation China – Gold Award for the best design work.

Top Ten Outstanding Design Youth of Innovation China Space Design Art Competition.

Asia Pacific Space Design Top 100 Designers.

Good Living Builder Award.

The 8th Daikin Interior Design Competition Bronze Award in the apartment category.

The 7th Daikin Interior Design Competition” National Comprehensive Design Bronze Award in the Apartment Category.

Finalist of the International Space Design Award “Aite Award”.

Invited designer of CCTV2 “Exchange Space” of Central Finance Channel.

Invited designer of Hangzhou TV Channel 3 “Life Reference”.

Invited designer of Hangzhou TV Channel 4 “Home I can help” column.

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