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The pursuit of “sober irrational state

Rejecting the “conventional” art standard

As the first work of Dragon Land in Chengdu, Dragon Land’s Mirae is located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu. The surrounding business district is mature, the transportation is convenient, and the education area is radiant, fully satisfying customers’ needs for home ownership.

Based on the requirement of weakening the commercial atmosphere of the product, the designers searched for representative elements and forms to reflect the local culture according to the local characteristics, and based on the creation of a light and dynamic modern art space.



The floating and swaying, fluttering like a charm

Inspiration Source

▲ Water Sleeve Concept

The oval-shaped building with undulating and interlocking lines resembles a rotating pleated skirt. The dancing water sleeve flutters and flutters like a charm.

The art installation is winding and hovering under the skylight, and the metal surface refracts the glittering light, just like the dancing water sleeves. It is as agile and floating, as if the moon is covered by light clouds and the snow is flowing like the wind.

The designer applies the dynamics and flow lines of the water sleeve performance to the entire space. The curved wall of the entrance, the curved form of the sunken staircase, the art installation hanging from the ceiling, and the curved treatment of the entire space on the negative floor all seek a unity of flow and linearity.

The staircase rotates down with simple curved lines, winding and flowing in a hundred directions. The designer uses light white tones and natural warm tones to express this, which fits perfectly with the art installation above. In an “unconventional” form, it shows people a new vision of art.



Purity is the soul, freedom is the foundation

Feeling art

The artwork interspersed in the space enhances the expressiveness of the space and gives visitors more imagination and interactive experience of art. The negotiation area is set up by the window, and the entire space is dominated by warm white tones with blue accents. It is transparent and elegant, while allowing the sunken space to better echo and integrate with the outdoor landscape, complementing each other.

The sofa adopts the gradient color relationship and articulates the artistic temperament. Through various light sensitivities, it creates a young and fashionable, comfortable and relaxing resting space.

Light and shadow are interlaced and sparse. On the wall and the ground, it outlines a different light and shadow effect. This is the artistic expression of nature, exuding a free and energetic natural atmosphere. The designer conceived a relatively free space. Instead of over-emphasizing the magnificent design concept, the natural relationship between people and the atmosphere is restored.



Nothing is something, turning emptiness into reality

Comprehension life

The eternal pursuit of deconstructionism is to find new solutions while following the laws of nature in the world. Adopting the law of deconstructionism, we break up, superimpose and reorganize the natural imagery to create different visual aesthetics.

▲ 1FLOOR floor plan

▲ – 1FLOOR floor plan

▲ Effect

Project Name | Dragon & Midea-Futureimage Sales Center

Location | Chengdu, China

Project Area | 800㎡

Completion Date | Apr.2021|04/2021

A Team | Li Junjie, Zhang Hai, Liu Fan, Tu Kai


Main Project Design | Ma Haobo, Liu Yi, Yang Sasa

Co-design | Luo Dan Dai Xiaoxue

Soft furnishing design | CHALLENGE Thousand Creative

Design Team | Ye Feng Tang Qiong

Photography | I Space


“Founded in Chengdu, China, Challenge Creative was founded by a group of experienced designers. We have been dedicated to professional interior design and furnishing design for real estate, hotel, office, commercial, creative, residential, etc. We also provide design consultancy services for architecture, landscape and branding. Our project footprint covers more than 60 cities in China, and we have reached strategic partnerships with many real estate companies, winning wide recognition from the market with our rich design experience and good service attitude.

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