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Urban Simplicity, The Beauty Of Black, White, And Gray Color Scheme – DAS Design

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In order to keep the space in a unified and orderly aesthetic, the furnishings discard the complex color scheme and use black, white and gray as the base, with red as the jumping color, giving the whole space some highlights in a modern and fashionable tone.

In the performance of the space plot, red has become the visual protagonist, which is reasonably integrated in a variety of materials and shapes, with a strong personality and black and white lines frequently confront each space to maintain a unified visual aesthetic, but also presents a rational and reasonable plot towards. The dining chairs are unique and eye-catching, the design sense of floral ware and candle holders enhance the atmosphere of the dining room, and the shaped hangers complement the function of the wine cabinet and decorate the walls.

The blazing red color is a metaphor for passion and life, just like the rising sun that pierces through the fog, creating a strong tension when contrasting with black and white. The red petal chair attracts the eye of the first visitor, and the large circular painting breaks the monotony of the large solid-colored wall, while the three-dimensional rounded elements jump out, forming an interesting interaction with the linear carpet and pillows, which inadvertently reveals the romantic and dramatic design taste.

We used the round elements in all kinds of paintings, accessories and furniture to create a unified and impressive space.

The most popular character in a series of Nintendo games is none other than Mario. We took elements from the Mario games and applied them to the paintings, ornaments, and bed pillows to create a fun atmosphere and bring a relaxing and happy atmosphere to the visitors.

Floor plan

The entire space is dominated by earth tones, with the clever use of high-grade gray fabrics, solid leather, and marble, complemented by warm light camel colors and gold, combining texture, design, and comfort. It creates a high-quality and extravagant living experience.

The living room area is enclosed in a form that allows for close proximity without being cramped. The cascading crystal flowerware, glittering floral arrangements, and three-dimensional installations set the tone for the space with modern texture.

Every detail is designed and polished to reflect on one’s habits and the lifestyle one wants to achieve. Photographs, photography-related ornaments, and books contribute to the serene atmosphere of the space. Various layers of curry are used in the paintings, ornaments, and soft bedding to create a comfortable and textured language of the space.

Delicate cutlery and golden chandeliers complement each other, with a little afterglow on the tabletop floral arrangements, just like the warm glow of autumn.

If you had to decorate the inner “tiger” with anything, it would be glowing gold, precious crystals, and artistic works of art.

The use of saddle leather enhances the texture of the furniture, luminous devices bring a sense of movement to the space, and various layers of yellow harmonize the space while bringing warmth to the visitors. The softness of the texture of the bed and the abrasive wool rug, and the purity and elegance of the various items make the bedroom a perfect balance of temperature and style.

The mystery of space is a place that all children want to explore. Interesting furniture with themed lamps, paintings and ornaments set the tone for the space. A variety of three-dimensional planets, astronauts and related elements to enrich the theme atmosphere, to achieve a feeling of being in space, giving people the courage to explore the unknown.

Floor Plan


Project Name – Jinjia Longhu – Spring River Li City Model Units

Project Address – Zhaoqing, China

Owner Unit – Jinjia International & Longhu Group

Owner Team: Wang Yang, Lan Xinchun, Li Zhe, Zhang Wenjie

Design Team – Cui Duan, Luo Hui, Liu Yaolin, Lin Yuxiang, Le Yunxing, Fu Zhiheng, Fan Gao, Wu Yunxia, Tang Jiwang, Zeng Di, Hong Dengqing, Lin Manqing

Interior Design – Shenzhen Dasen Design Co.

Soft Decoration Design | Shenzhen Mukin Design Engineering Co.

Completion Date: August 2020

Project Area – 65㎡/ 95㎡

Project Photographer – Dee Min Cho

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