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Log Style, How To Design Rhythmic Beauty?

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Beauty of Simple White + Log Fusion

Wood style can make a home warm, it can make a home full of life, and it can make a home appear quiet and elegant. The use of custom-made furniture in wood color is large, but unobtrusive. In this case, both cases are made of log style furniture, and the design is cleverly conceived everywhere, making the home full of functional beauty.

The log lines are lined up into surfaces, bringing a unique rhythmic beauty to the space, which is beautiful under the rules, but also geometric elements rhythm to give the space a different style.



Logs + Japanese LIFE MUSIC

Design Agency: Fela Design

Japanese style is not so much a style as it is the attitude of life it conveys – indifferent, at ease, leisurely. The high proportion of wood, grills, translucent camphor paper, light colors and large areas of natural materials, and the return of materials to nature, all reveal a sense of tranquility, quite like the life attitude of “no lightness can make one clear, no tranquility can make one far”.


Sitting Room

The space is mainly light-colored, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the home, blurring the physical boundaries of the space.

Pick up

Place a Corner

The opportunity



The load-bearing wall, which used to be the corner of the bedroom, becomes part of the kitchen, the island table and dining chairs are connected, the western kitchen and dining area are combined into one, rationalizing the space structure, the interspersed blocks between the dining room and the island table are coherent and natural, and the light fixture is immersed into the space by the geometric form of lines and circles, enriching the rhythm and rhythm of the area.

Light for Everything

Mountains and Rivers for the World


Master Bedroom

The male owner in this case is particularly sensitive to light and sound, and the sensory closure of the sleeping area must be demanding. In order to isolate the noisy outdoor environment, the windows are made of three layers of vacuum glass (the living room is no exception), which achieves the effect of noise reduction. The designer made a groove in the background of the bed, and the curtains were pulled in to achieve a perfect shading effect, creating a high-quality sleeping space in the visual and auditory senses.


Study Room

The study is connected to the outside air, and the relatively open grille sliding door frees up space, while the multi-functional study with its windowed tatami mats can be used as a daily home entertainment area or a guest room. At the same time, the entrance to the master bedroom has been moved inward to the study, eliminating the embarrassment of having to enter the bathroom.

The suspended hanging cabinet on the side of the study door provides a sense of floating and reduced volume.




House Type&Plane Design

Switching the location of the dining room draws the living and dining room closer together, and expands the space limit of the living and dining room while closely interacting with each other, and the reasonable expansion of the leisure space gives the home more sense of breathing, and the reasonable allocation of the area is released psychologically. The active line of the home is roundabout, and the areas are interconnected instead of being divided into small blocks to create a transparent and coherent space.



Sun-Soaked, Elegant Homes

Design Agency: Tianmu Design

In the morning, the sunlight from the curtain, sitting in a single chair and reading the works of Wuerffel, taking a sip of Geisha coffee brewed by hand, is pure and simple, but it is the most beautiful and quiet scene that I love.

The open and transparent dynamic line of the public area extends to the balcony, extending the coexistence space between indoor and outdoor, allowing the temperature of sunlight to fall into the entire public area, and the penetrating tension of light to become an important element of the public area to set the tone of the space.

The overall style is a subtractive design approach, not too much decoration, and strive for minimalism, bringing out the most original appearance of the material.

The white tone as the main design, highlighting the most natural beauty of the material, and surround the pure and natural atmosphere of the space, in addition to the black iron embellishment type added to the space, increasing the three-dimensional level of space.

The open public area gives the space a smooth dynamic line. The design of the public area with one axis not only extends the vision but also creates a small world for the owner to read and heal the body and mind.

The clean lines of the white back-wall cabinets add a fresh and delicate atmosphere to the reading area, and the white tone in the unrestricted space magnifies the spaciousness and brightness of the space.

The project itself has the advantage of good lighting, the natural light and the interior lighting have the beauty of harmonizing the sense of light in the space, the designer’s careful arrangement of the light falls on every corner of the interior.

The color of the space is white, with the light wood grain texture and calm water mold coating interacting in the space, the wood grain is light and brings out the natural texture, adding a gentle feeling to the white space.

The natural neutral tone makes the space seem especially quiet, and the furniture objects are black, white, and gray to match the pure and simple space, interpreting the natural and minimalist tone of the space.

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