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Urban Living Home, Interpreting The Charm Of The Oriental Aesthetics Of The Brush Stroke|Donghe Yipin

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A new era of lifestyle that is not defined

Focus on oneself, transparent and not lack of reason

Live exquisitely, but also free and unrestrained

Pleasing oneself and following one’s heart’s love

Simple and pure, unrestrained and spontaneous

But still confident and sure

A good life is never the same

The glitter of the glance

Spreading the colorful light that gives freedom

Live your true self

It is the most charming gesture of life


Everyone has his or her own way of approaching life.

The designer’s design of space seems to be more like an exploration of life.

The owner’s hobbies, emotions, work and rest, social life, habits ……

All of them will be intimately connected with this space.

In a way, the space is the “true expression” of the homeowner.

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The homeowner in this case is a highly intelligent woman who has a good taste in home life.

She has a good taste in home life, self-appreciation and love of calligraphy.

She likes to enjoy her life quietly while being free and avant-garde.


The original foundation of the house is the fine decoration.

After several considerations, the designer did not change the interior layout.

Instead, the focus was on “beauty”,

“space” and “lifestyle understanding”.

Emotional care is used throughout the design.


The most difficult part of controlling one’s own display is actually subtraction.

The designer wants to create a place where the residents can be completely “comfortable with themselves”.

The space is spontaneous, simple and free flowing.

It is de-cluttered, transparent and visually quiet.

Without over-decorating, the content of life becomes dominant, and the space recedes into the background.

The space is relegated to the background, always declaring the independence and self-confidence, elegance and calmness of urban living.

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With a romantic universe in mind and poetic elegance on earth.

She likes to have a gentle dialogue with the world, and staying at home is the state she enjoys more.


The wisdom of life

Provides a more multidimensional and pure way of thinking for space design.

Abandon the traditional back wall, wood texture sculpture gentle tone

Is the most subdued base color of life.

The contour and material match with each other to enrich the level of space.

This is the owner’s own playground, as well as

It is also a meeting area where friends can sit on the floor at any time when they visit.

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The gauze draws the sunlight’s kisses from the room.

The greenery in the vase is also given a different poetic meaning.

The vase of lush greenery is given a poetic touch, turning it into a green field at home.

Alone in the evening, drinking coffee alone, reading a book to see the world.

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The simple and square beige sofa with casual and lazy pleated design

It adds a modern style to the space that is plain and not pretentious.

The movable Samsung Picture World Art TV conveys a free and unrestrained atmosphere.

And the simple reference outlined by the furniture.

It fills the interplay and interaction between the residents and the space.

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The rich poetic aroma, perched on paper.

Putting emotions in the brushstrokes.

Warm, melancholy, passionate, biting.

Under the modern vein of modern space

But also hidden in the oriental aesthetics of the brush

The leisurely and relaxed interest grows naturally.

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From paintings to fabrics, to walls and floors.

The textured materials enrich the texture of the space.

Soft white, light and warm, wood color, calm and quiet.

Under the abundant natural light,640 12 22

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The soft color combination plays a spontaneous and dynamic rhythm.

Gentle and calm, open and cheerful.

Both flowers and oil can be cooked with fire.

Life is so bright and warm.

Between purity and intensity,

Art and romance grow, and fireworks are born.

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From the moment you open your eyes every day.

Every inch of space should be 100% satisfied with your own aesthetics.

There is nothing more important than pleasing yourself.

The color palette continues with the living room, and at the same time, the unity of the space

Create a unique atmosphere of sleeping space.

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The light texture of hollow rattan gives rise to quiet elegance and laziness.

The rich tones of the painting ease the monotony brought by white.

Like Tao Yuanming’s “seeing the South Mountain at ease”,

The owner’s vintage feeling of living in nature is reflected.

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Name of the work: Coffee in the city

Design Company: DHYP Donghe Coffee Space Design

Principal Designer: Zhou Chuanlong

Designers: Gao Xiaotong, Feng Qiu Cheng

Project Area: 206㎡

Location: Jinan Vanke Metropolis

Whole Project Services: Basic construction, soft furnishings purchase

Pin Xuan: Lin Qing


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Zhou Chuanlong


A designer who is not quiet

Founder of Donghe Yi Pin Space Design

He specializes in high-end personalized design and advocates that there is no fixed style of living.

He believes that design should be based on the interpretation of user needs and temperament, supplemented by artistic aesthetics, and customized interior style, in order to present design works with temperature, depth and height.

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