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58m2 Open Room Design, Romantic “Milk Tea” Style, Super Style!

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Haili Design Team Interior Design Alliance

The model house/show flat

It is a package of commercial house

It is also a reference example for home buyers’ decoration effect

With the development of the times

the model house has changed from a traditional decoration template

to a unique expression of “self” personality

It is a simulation of the scene, emotional support

It’s a visualization of lifestyle, social attributes, and dreams of enjoyment

Of course, the showroom can also be a “romantic love story”.

This time, Two Rivers Metropolis – 58m2 space

is about “milk tea” romantic story

A couple, met in a “milk tea store”

As newcomers chasing different styles and trends

For the space, they need a pleasant experience of spirituality

Combine the love of meeting with the love of making love more love

Rely on the space to upgrade the “sweet” emotion and let love bloom in the space


Meet the Face


Chicha Tao Tao

The matching of soft furnishings reflects the personality of the occupant

Through the furnishings to make the space have a sense of immersion, extension, technology

Let people have some kind of emotional bond with the space

The entrance is equipped with wireless charging and rounded clothes hooks

The area where you can easily sit and wear slippers ……

Either one of them is a little bit of life


The edge of knowledge


Rich cheese

Soft furnishings also give the space variety

It can be a social space, an entertainment space

It can also be a space for solitude

Designers use a unique design language

Presenting the beauty of complex and variable living style

Awaken people’s curiosity to discover the beauty of everyday life

Enjoy every moment


Hot Love


Sweet Fruit

The standard drink display in a milk tea store

Use it as a shelf in the apartment

The goldfish bought at the amusement park last time also moved in

Let the memories of the past in every corner of the apartment

can be awakened

To perceive the beauty in life

To feel the creation of a new era of youth quality lifestyle


Pure Love


Long tea fragrance

The space uses a variety of materials with different characteristics

Warm wood feeling and hard metal

The space is filled with soft fabrics

With the cooperation of light and shadow

Let the occupants experience the warm character of the space

Let people lounge around

Better to explore the various textures in life

▲Project Plan


Project Name | Two Rivers Metropolis

Ownership | Sunac Real Estate

Project Location | Chongqing Longxing

Project Type | Apartment Showroom

Design Area | Approx. 58㎡

Completion Date | 2021.4

Design Company | HIGHLY Design

Scope of Design | Soft furnishings

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