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Tiny Homes with Minimalism are More Stylish than Mansions

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Tiny Homes with Minimalism are More Stylish than Mansions

IRA LYSIUK Studio, dedicated to creating each unique project, does its best for every ordinary home. The two cases presented in this presentation give a deeper definition to the home, which is not only a nest for the tired bird to return home, but also a spiritual residence for the soul to rest and wash away the disturbances of the world.

01. A Minimalist and Cozy New Home for Two

Planar Graph

The one-bedroom apartment of 70 square meters, which the designer has named “Light Ivory”, has ivory as the overall tone, with corresponding warm tones as decoration and embellishment. The right kind of interior is the soul of the space.

The initial owners did not have any intention of style, they expressed their trust in the designer’s taste. The only request they made was to use to light ivory color in the room. The designer additionally added ginger yellow to match, and the result was even better than expected.

A lot of lovely accessories were used in the space, and the rounded vases add energy to the public space.

The entrance space is designed to be very spacious, with a full-length mirror to the left of the door, giving the space a more extended feel.

The bedroom has a consistent color palette, with wood veneer on the wall above the bed, and lamps inside the space with their own characteristics, creating a sense of advanced space.

The detail designer was keen on stylized vases that were placed in each space as an accent. The mirror and table legs are also made of smooth circular elements.

Cloakroom storage is not only limited to clothing, but evenly divided compartments also are more suitable for the storage of shoes in daily life, the designer’s every detail is very close to life.

Warm light fills the entire bathroom space, comfortable wood, soft warm colors, unload a tired body, where the body and mind can be the most relaxed.

02. A Natural and Stylish One-Room New Home

Planar Graph

Minimalist small house design with a raw texture to space. In this project, the designer wanted to showcase the fusion of minimalism and nature and make the space look comfortable and stylish.

The space between the living room and the kitchen is decorated with plant pots and the translucent glass outlines the plants.

The natural theme of the interior is conveyed by the texture of the walls, decorated with natural panels, and the designer has placed the dining area in front of the window, where it can also enjoy the view outside.

Space meets two modes, night lighting, and daylighting. The special night lighting design can be used for a variety of atmospheres, and the neutral lighting atmosphere at night is useful when rest and relaxation are desired.

Natural qualities are shown to the extreme in the background of the bed, the stone with distressed textures, creating a modern bedroom space.

The bathroom is a great use of space for multiple functions, with space for a washer-dryer behind folding doors.

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