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The Way To Remove The Cold And Hot Water Faucet

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In our own life, there are a variety of things if there is a problem, must be replaced, for example, the faucet is more common in the house, for our own life is quite important, if the faucet is a problem to be spoiled, next we come back to you to introduce the cold and hot water faucet disassembly method and the use of cold and hot water faucet matters needing attention, the next one. Take a look up.


A. Method of removing hot and cold water taps

  1. Turn off the main button. Find the blue dot and the red dot underneath. Snap it open to reveal a small notch.
  2. A few manufacturers have this threaded as an internal square hole (like Moen), which is a bit tricky. Be careful not to damage the screw vent with another removable replacement tool when the tool is not handy.
  3. When this thread is loose, you can remove the handle.
  4. At this stage, you’re looking at a large brass nut, and you can get rid of this faucet bolt by eliminating the nut with a large movable wrench.
  5. Look at the aluminum plane under the spool to see if it’s irregular or free of fine sand, then clean it up. Remove the rubber seal on the horizontal surface and observe if there is any damage.
  6. Generally speaking, the hot and cold faucets are great overall and have a high reliability. Therefore, after starting the problem is generally not obvious, in this case, just change the valve spool.
  7. Finally, according to the above process, reverse settings.


Second, the use of cold and hot water faucet matters needing attention

  1. Some homes have hot and cold kitchen faucets and basins that are closely connected, so the pipe at the hose underneath this faucet is quite heavy, so it will take some effort during disassembly. So if we put it in, the bolt chair may be secured to the faucet itself with a twist. You can use a more screwdriver to screw down the screws counterclockwise from below, then workout the spool chair and high-pressure hose from below upwards, and at the best time listen to prevent harm to the seal on the bolt seat and remove the hose.
  2. Some inlet hoses have been utilized for quite a long time and also the inlet hose cannot be unscrewed at the same time because of brittle or rusty fasteners. You can eliminate the basin faucet after seeping a few drops of oil on the rusted location.
  3. After turning off the kitchen cold and warm faucet, the water in the socket has been flowing, only can’t stop, this is usually a problem with the water inlet valve core, garbage clogging the seal at the bottom of the core, the seal is harmed or pipeline at the impurities scratching the valve core may lead to this situation.

The above now gives you a full understanding of the best way to remove and install hot and cold water faucets and the precautions to take when using hot and cold water faucets, hot and cold water faucets are essential to our lives, with hot and cold water faucets, there will be a lot of benefits in our daily lives to create our kitchen lifestyle more suitable, so it is necessary to buy a great quality hot and cold water faucets.

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