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The Ultimate Beauty Of Natural Elements丨Elena Sedova’s New Work

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The perfection of natural beauty

Elena Sedova is an independent designer from Ukraine. She has a passion for nature, so the most popular elements in her designs are natural elements. Greenery, florals, logs, all these elements are the highlights of her designs.

Home and nature are in harmony. The attitude towards home is also the attitude towards life, sunshine, upward and vibrant is also the meaning Elena Sedova gives to home.



Pure tones of clever space

With the pure tones of cream as the base, the expression is completely simplified, and there is almost no intentional decoration in the space. The designer expresses the beauty of the materials in different volumes.

In this case, the designer hopes to restore the natural nature of the earth through the natural color of the space, and at the same time, he hopes to give the spirit and energy of the field in the simplicity.

The wooden grille filters layers of light, presenting an elegant architectural picture sense and giving the space a dynamic artistic temperament.

The different interpretations of the same color palette are very well expressed in this space. The designer has taken the color palette to the extreme, and no part of it seems abrupt or will be ignored.

The design ultimately comes back to the function itself. The bathroom echoes the sense of nature with the micro cement material, and the large red-leafed plants create the poetry of the space.




Compact and harmonious quiet home

In a fast-paced life, we always want to have a calm and quiet space with our family, Elena is good at using natural elements to maximize the comfort of the space.

In a small space, it is a challenge to accommodate very adequate functions. The designer accurately recognized the needs of this home and designed the common area as an LDK integrated space. The clear but undivided functional fields create a warm atmosphere that belongs to the home.

The designer made the kitchen open, breaking the boundaries of the space, and at the same time allowing the dining and kitchen areas to form an interactive form.

The wooden shutters in the study introduce natural light and shadow, making the relationship between people and nature and space more intimate and harmonious. At the same time, the metaphorical spatial temperament expresses the response of architecture and nature.

According to the habits of the occupants, the designer dispensed with unnecessary decorative elements in the space, leaving the background wall white also brings a deeper meaning to the space, and the warm color brings warmth and nature to the whole space.

Terrazzo is used as the base color in the design of the bathroom. The same color scheme is appropriate and balanced, and the very thin frame line expresses a stylish and calm tone.



Simple but elegant calm relaxed time

The living room space is mainly for socializing and relaxing, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The simple but elegant and calm space is perfectly integrated with the interior accessories. The sunlight comes in through the window, making you feel the calm and relaxed time.

Wooden firewood and greenery represent the sense of nature. The dark and light tones are embedded in the warmth of the background with the unique expressions of different material textures and textures, respectively. Light and shadow, deep and shallow, link up the unique flavor of this case.

The separation between the living and dining rooms is opened, bringing more sense of extension. The pure white marble dining table is graceful and elegant under the accent of wood color, creating a unique sense of art and timelessness.

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