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The Salt Can Be Sweet Mori Space, Natural Cozy Bourgeoisie Mood | ENJOYDESIGN

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We had coffee and chatted

Communication makes us close to each other

The weekend was long and enjoyable

Beautiful days will echo

In the post-epidemic era, life is gradually returning to normal, and people are beginning to rethink and re-examine their lives in the future.

During the epidemic, people felt restless and unsettled by the single-mindedness of living in a limited space for long periods of time. As a result, ENJOYDESIGN explored a series of scenarios for the future, hoping to create a joint living aesthetic pavilion that would bring relaxation, freedom and hope to the future, and express the desire for future living.

Flower house, coffee, cute, books, these symbols of peace and comfort are transformed into perceptible entities here, linking the good life together, extending the radius of the home with a new joint living community, and also realizing the emotional interaction between the brand and consumers.


 Forest Flower House

Bloom with a full posture

Pulsating among floating lights and shadows

The artistic conception of static braking

Make this moment beautiful

Walking into the space, the flowers bloom in a full and vigorous manner, and the air is filled with the sweet smell of flowers, flowing with a quiet and elegant charm. Putting down the petty hustle and bustle, people are about to start a journey to explore the future of life.

The breeze floating, feeling the fragrance of light and elegant, happy vitality factor in the space, instantly activate the intimacy between neighbors, virtually close the distance between people.

Next to the roadshow area, we have prepared a cozy place for the animals to play to their heart’s content. The transparent glass material blurs the boundaries of space, making the relationship between people and animals more intimate, and the interest of nature touches people’s hearts, where the pure beauty of movement overflows.


 Poetic Scent

Aroma is the secret code of the circle,

and the entrance of emotion

Flowers, coffee and books

The sense of smell has the upper hand

And get you a very relaxing moment

In the frenetic city life, people are looking forward to returning to their true nature, looking for a place to return to, and waiting for a warm and friendly dialogue. In the coffee bar area flowing with fresh greenery, we slow down our pace, forget about the city’s many distractions, and indulge in an afternoon of mellow coffee, dialogue with others and find emotional resonance.

Just the right amount of greenery adorns the periphery of the coffee bar. Constantly awakening memories of nature for you and me. Listening to music with big headphones is the daily routine of the original adorable rabbit, Bean Bean. Its appearance makes the space more interesting and dynamic. He appears in different places in the composite space and accompanies you silently and warmly.

Forget everything, and everything will accompany you. The symbiosis of composite community and living aesthetics allows people who are alone or together to have a genial and comfortable experience.


 Between inside and outside

It’s noisy outside and quiet inside

The boundaries are getting blurred

We feel free at this moment

The transparent glass curtain wall blurs the boundaries of space, linking indoor and outdoor scenes. Sunlight pours in, leaving shadows to move. Capturing beautiful moments in the bustle and tranquility, the simplicity of nature is a delightful healing for the soul.

We are looking for memories from the mountains and fields, the beauty of that special simplicity and innocence. Surrounded by greenery, we immerse ourselves in this tranquil and dynamic landscape, where the natural beauty of nature fills our lives with hope.

Steps and bookshelves, with lines to continue the natural growth of the ritual order, a leisurely scenery in the light and shadow changes faintly appear, seemingly absent rhythm attracts people’s infinite imagination, in the wood color to draw the power of tranquility.

Ascending the stairs, the lush greenery recedes behind you, and the sandbox and negotiation areas, quiet functional plates slowly appear in front of you.

Customers who are interested in a project can get the information they want here; children who are bored with adult conversations can hide in a special children’s area; and aimless companions can continue to explore the shared space. It’s all about variety and inclusion, and that’s what United Living Experience Center offers visitors.


 The Ultimate Eating Light

Some friends get together and whisper

The collision of alcohol

And taste buds in the lips and teeth

Enjoy life at this moment

The moment you step into the restaurant, you will feel like you are in the mystery of the Wizard of Oz. The dreamy and mysterious atmosphere, which is superimposed by your imagination, retains its elegant charm and makes the space full of dramatic magic, making your heart aflutter.

The combination of dusky lighting, square and round jagged layers, rough wall materials, light, forms and materials creates a rustic and ritualistic dining place, primitive, simple and elegant, which brings the ultimate space experience, awakening memories across time and space, and realizing the emotional interaction between the brand and consumers.

The quality and secrecy, strong and powerful emotions are fused, exchanged and collided with the space, with a kind of thickness precipitated by time, in which visitors are immersed, shuttled through the story and feel the aesthetics of romanticism.


 Childish Interest

Laughters of joy and happiness

Funny and exaggerated movements

It’s all the fun of childhood

Childhood days, simple and pure

The children’s area uses the concept of “shouting and listening” to tell the story of the space. The fresh orange color creates a cheerful and lively atmosphere, while the curved shapes highlight the tension of objects, creating a world of fun for children. The design uses color blocks and shapes to create dramatic scenes and give the space a dynamic sense of power.



From the past to the future, space should not be a fetter or a shackle, but a carrier and a continuation of a better life. Just like the growth of nature, we welcome the new life with yearning and hope. This is an exploration of the future community, taking the home as an extended radius, allowing nature to accompany life, creating warm living scenes, and gaining emotional resonance in a fun-filled experience.

Here, the boundaries between nature and city are relatively blurred, the perception of life experience will be redefined, and rationality and emotion will be intertwined, a profound and full feeling that will make people forget to return. A living community with warmth and interaction, indulging in a poetic space, giving full play to the beautiful imagination of the future amidst laughter, warmth and innocence.

Project Name: Vanke – Golden Mile International

Project Address: Guangdong Jiangmen

Project Area: 1193m²

Developer : Vanke

Design Company: ENJOYDESIGN

Design Scope: Interior and Soft Design


ENJOYDESIGN was founded in 2010 and is located in Guangzhou. As a professional architectural interior design company, we provide product planning and customized design for residential (sales offices, show flats, villas, public areas) and office projects for top clients in different industries, as well as overall finishing design standard custom R&D for leading real estate clients, and we provide professional design and consulting services for education, old renovation and revitalization projects.

We have a professional design team of more than 260 people. As a practitioner of beauty, we advocate that aesthetics brings life back to the original, and we insist on starting from the customer’s feelings and experience, and we provide many customers with amazing contemporary and innovative space design with our unique design language. We believe that all design starts from the point of change, whether it is to serve the public or to change people’s lives, even if the change is subtle.

We are maverick, but not different; we are cool, but friendly.

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