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The Power Of Craftsmanship To Create A Space Full Of Ritual Growth丨Feimo Design

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We believe more than ever

The hope of restarting the journey

We are more certain than ever

The determination to move forward

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From basic material needs to the needs of a good life, each evolution is inseparable from new attempts. After ten years of working in the industry, Feimo’s workplace has changed again and again, but it still can’t satisfy the increasingly powerful design team and receive all the homeowners.

After much consideration, this time, we chose the location in Swan Lake. It is located on the 38th floor of Block F of Azure Business Port in the Government Affairs District, adjacent to the Swan Lake. It is stationed by the water and has a wide view.

Swan Lake is like a mirror set in the rich land of Hefei, and the inclusive lake nourishes the city’s vigorous vitality. With this as the source of creation, design consultant Li Xiuling implements the real feeling of life from experience. It creates this ritualistic and circled concept of “Office+”, Office+Life, Office+Learning, Office+Negotiation and other scenes, shrinking it into a sample of urban office, living, working and learning environment that fits humanistic emotions.



Ride the wind and waves, recreate the sense of ritual

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In the design, the shimmering surface of Swan Lake is simulated, and the water wave metal plate is used to realize the scene of the ceiling with floating light and shadow. When you walk into this vestibule, it is as if you are dancing a waltz on the surface of the beautiful Swan Lake. It gives you a sense of ritual that blossoms slowly through time and space.

Behind this beautiful sense of ritual is solidified the extraordinary design perception and aesthetic power of the designer as a professional craftsman. For example, the backdrop of Feimologo opposite is a rare Portuguese beige sandstone selected by Li Xiuling after strict consideration and layers. She discarded the gorgeous decoration and explored the deeper design essence. It is not simply a material or a fabric, but a creation, a beauty and an art, a self-consciousness and a self-consciousness.

Only when we know how to be self-consistent can we extend ourselves to others and live in harmony with them.

So, in this space, every time you walk in and turn around, you will have a new feeling. It keeps the space and the people in the space in a state of growth forever. No matter when, you can meet your future life and work with a new self.

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The perception of beauty determines the creativity and cohesion in the design.

Unlike ordinary design companies, we hope it is not just a place to work, but a place where you can enter the space, complete the handover to the outside world, and devote yourself to your work and study, as if a sense of ritual of returning home.

Therefore, no matter the choice of material or space planning, we hope to do our best, for example, the high-gloss maple shadow panel behind the bar. Whether used here or at home, the most surprising thing is far from its high price, but the beauty and power created by the artisanal design.

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Many people have a misunderstanding of design, thinking that it is just a few lines. In fact, the meaning of design is to deconstruct the architecture, recombine it one by one, and show the uniqueness of the interior with just the right decoration, so that light and shadow can flow, turn and jump in the interplay. Just like this front hall full of mood, it comes from Li Xiuling’s design innovation and finally realized in Feimo’s construction cohesion. In other words, design is landing.



Refining the essence, micro but extraordinary

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The visible surface of the metal doorway through the vestibule is only 5mm, and after countless design modifications, overturning and reconstruction, to the implementation of the process, it finally presents such a fine result, which has to be said that it is the ingenuity of the millimeter.

Passing through this door is like passing through a layer of golden time, completing the sense of ritual of handing over with life. Then come to the wide long table meeting area, the sense of ritual naturally extends forward. You can see the wave ceiling painted with velvet art paint presenting different visual effects from different angles under the spiking of light. And those dense thin chandeliers were hand-embedded by the master with steel wire in a week.

It is like a ship that carries our ten years of memories, our past from where we came from and the dreams we will try to reach. Most importantly, this ship carries the power of “craftsmanship”, which is what keeps us alive.

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Walking in the space, the natural freshness is integrated. The vibrant greenery, combined with the children’s entertainment area and the long table, make the design not only the design itself, but also the diversified living and working environment with artistic style.

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Design is both visible and invisible. The visible design is the momentum, not the bluff. The invisible design is the expression hidden in the details, and is also the professional wisdom and the aesthetic cultivation of the designer himself.

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Specially created children’s play area with full anti-collision design. Children are the angels of the earth, all the beauty they deserve. So, wherever we are, we want to leave enough space for children.

Adults, children and the elderly, the design consideration should be equal.



The artist’s ingenuity

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The same beautiful crystal, businessmen turn it into an unattainable commodity, while artists will polish it into the beauty and power of ingenuity.

The false feeling of “noble” and “luxury” will always make people think that the more expensive is the more “trench”. In fact, everything needs to be measured. How we want to live, our pursuit of aesthetics, should put aside the shackles of form, follow the heart, choose the most suitable.

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Looking at the lake, enjoying fresh oxygen

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Fei Mo

Many companies are either confined to the size of the space or confused by other things, and divide the interior into a small grid. Whether it is normal work or reception of customers, it seems particularly patterned. The distance between people is invisible, as if everyone is just a business partner and human feelings are indifferent.

We break the stereotypes and really get rid of the regular and neat working and negotiation environment, and combine the most free, transparent, low luxury, and non-imposing attitude into the design.

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We show and even simulate the living room home environment, not to let people to copy and paste, but from these real design, you can quickly find out the home design inspiration. Then, we can improve the function of the home according to your needs. At the same time, let our negotiation become a conversation between friends, and complete work and study in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Free like in our own home, we understand each other, respect each other, and treat each other honestly!

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Because there is no more fixed standard, the flow of beauty can be changed in a thousand ways. Therefore, each negotiation area is different, from style to furniture placement, with plaster lines, carvings, wood finishes, rounded treatment and other design points, we will create a space and different.

Beauty cannot be defined, but can be created by design. You know the beauty of it, it is worth it!

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The lights, decorations and a series of color schemes in the space are the carriers that outline the aesthetics. Echoing the space are the storage power, the diverse material combinations, etc. If you can read the space, you will find that its aura and function come entirely from Li Xiuling’s ability to create design value and her constantly accumulated experience. Converting time into eyesight, experience and wisdom to make a new home.

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Design consultant: Li Xiuling puts people first and keeps the original intention

Ten years, we have walked through the valley and seen the mountains. For good design, see the truth, need the bottom. This time, we are willing to try new possibilities, to include all those incredible clashing colors, functions that can’t be abandoned, and art chasing that we don’t want to let down into this 1000㎡ space. Because we love design, we are made by design.

All the departures are to arrive at the thoughts in the heart. Those seemingly small, uneventful day after day, will in the future let people see the significance of persistence.

We insist on personalized customization service, insist on design is the ground, and insist on loving what we love. We hope that you can also walk with us along the way, harvest a better you, meet your delighted home!

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