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The Misery of the Experience: New House Renovation Left 24 Hidden Problems, Remember the Key, Don’t Make the Mistake!

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Xiao Xin   Bathroom Headline

It’s really troublesome to renovate a new house, and there is a potential problem with every step. Some processes also have the role of inheritance, as if your last process did not do well, directly affecting the next process. Today, the editor will bring you 24 decoration regret, for your reference only.

1. When many houses are being renovated, in order to make proper use of the area behind the door, people are basically choosing sliding doors, especially in the kitchen section. We must pay attention to the sliding door must be done on the track, because the kitchen fumes are very much, it is easy to accumulate grease, if you choose the lower track, then later it is easy to accumulate dirt, cleaning is very difficult.

2. Don’t ever think that dark-colored flooring is resistant to dirt, in fact, not at all resistant to dirt. My house was at a disadvantage when I chose a reddish-brown. Shortly after each cleaning, the surface was already dusty and had the mark of a bright-line when your feet stepped on it. I would like to suggest you to choose wood, wheat, orange peel, and chocolate. This is relatively beautiful but also resistant to dirt.640 1 66

3. The furniture must be based on the size of the space to set, do not place the furniture after the discovery of all the crowded full, this will give people a very depressing feeling, I personally experience, share with you.

4. If there is no 3-meter high space in the living room at home, then don’t do the ceiling, especially the kind of complex ceiling, not to mention that it costs more money, but also greatly reduces the height, living for a long time will feel very depressed.

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5. If you choose furniture with legs in your home, it is important to consider whether or not you will be using a sweeper later, if the legs are short, the robot won’t be able to get in. You’ll also have to shift various pieces of furniture every time you clean. Very troublesome.

6. The kitchen and bathroom installed on the threshold stone, and slightly higher than the other areas, which is to prevent the late emergence of these two areas of water, so that will backflow to other areas, and it is easy to other floors and furniture to the bubble.

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7. If you’re a less diligent person, we don’t want to make that open cabinet, which can easily accumulate dust. If you don’t clean it for a day, it can accumulate a very thick layer, and it’s also very difficult to clean, especially at the top, where you can’t even reach it.

8. The mosaic tiles look very nice, but the kitchen and bathroom carefully selected, because the mosaic tiles are posted up a lot of gaps, which is very easy to hide dirt, cleaning up is very laborious.

9. Now young people like to lie in bed and play with mobile phones, this is also a small habit of their own, haha, so talk about their own decoration misery it, my socket installation height is somewhat short, but also according to the national standard socket height installed. When the bedside table is put up, the socket is completely covered up. In fact, the best height in 60cm from the ground is the best, there are two sockets on both sides of the at least stay two, because we will later use the lamp, mobile phone charging and so on.

10. We really don’t recommend that you install the plug, this really has no practical effect, and also highlight the height of the ground, if there are children and the elderly at home, it is very easy to trip rubber, the key is also easy to card dust around, clean up is very troublesome. If you really have any use, it is recommended that you install one against the nearest wall, so that it is more beautiful, but also practical.
For example, near the dining table, from the table near the nearest wall mounted a 30 cm from the ground socket, which also played a practical role.

11. Don’t install any curtain boxes in your home, this thing is going to cost a lot of money. The point is, this thing is really ugly, in fact, personally, I think it is still more stylish to install a Roman rod, a little personality.

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12. Don’t make that hollow partition in your home, there are really a lot of dead spots and it’s hard to clean. If you don’t clean it well, it can easily accumulate over time later on and you won’t be able to wipe it down.

13. When we’re buying furniture and appliances, one has to look at the height and width of the door. If you buy it and you can’t get in, it’s embarrassing. There is also in the installation of appliances and furniture to see when there is no collision with other areas of things possible, or later if there is a collision, it will be very easy to break.

14. After the walls and floor last night, we made sure to level them, and made sure to use tools to level them, because we couldn’t see them with the naked eye. That’s what I neglected to do in my house at the time, and later when I was installing things, I noticed there was a big gap.

15. The kitchen in the installation of the socket, it is recommended that you install the kind of flexible mobile socket, so that it is super convenient to use, because the kitchen uses more small appliances. The other thing is that when you choose a socket, it is recommended that you choose the kind of socket with a switch, because the housewife’s hands in the kitchen is basically wet, so unplugging and so on is very dangerous.

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16. For the coffee table at home, don’t choose the one with a screaming coffee table. It is recommended to choose small rounded corners or original shape coffee table, this in order to avoid children in the house to fall and bump.

17. TV backdrop is not recommended to use the marble backdrop, the price is expensive, to say the least, and gives a very cold feeling, especially in winter, that particular will emit a sense of cool air.

18. Wardrobes are recommended to make more partitions because there are not only clothes, blankets big items and lots of bits and pieces in the house, right? For example, socks, underwear and so on, it is best to make more storage compartments, very convenient.

19. The bathroom, no matter how small, should simply be a partition! Otherwise, every time you shower, it’s like a water fight. There’s water all over the house, and by the time you’re done showering, cleaning will take half a day.

21. When the toilet is installed, you should always pay attention to the distance between the toilet and the wall. My original toilet pit distance was not controlled. Now there will be a large gap in the installation, this dead space is also difficult to clean.

22. Fingerprint locks, many owners now choose to use it, but have we ever thought about it? There are so many ways to unlock the door, is this really safe? Will it give the villain a few more lock picking routines? So here’s a suggestion that when you install a fingerprint lock, it’s best to install a B-grade or higher, plus a better locking cylinder on it.

23. The shoebox in the entrance must be as big as you want it to be, because later not only shoes will be more and more, other things will also be more and more, if there is not enough space to receive, later it will be very messy and unbearable.

24. This last problem we must pay attention to, that is, in the time of decoration, if there is a problem, you must not be able to put up with, this will easily lead to later problems and then rework on the difficult, so be sure to rework in a timely manner.

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