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The Faucet Is Broken In The Water Pipe

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What should I do if the faucet is half cut off in the water pipe?

Many people use old-fashioned zinc alloy faucets in their homes, and when they are replaced, carelessness can easily cause the inner wire to break out of the water pipe, causing great trouble to themselves. Especially when it comes to the situation where Qi Gen breaks the pipe in the wall, it is more difficult to operate. If you are looking for a decoration master to help, there are generally the following solutions. Among them, the third one is the most favorite. It can be done in a few seconds. It is simple and practical.


1.If it is broken in the wall water pipe, the most common method for the decoration masters is to find a small saw blade, collect the wire buckle in the water pipe into a few pieces, and then use a screwdriver and a hammer to chisel in from the outside and gently smash Drop out. It should be noted that the faucet interface is generally copper, which is relatively hard. Do not cut too deep when sawing the gap, so as not to hurt the threaded teeth on the inner wall of the tee.

2.If there is a tee in the broken part of the faucet, you can use the hot melter to melt the old tee tube and replace it with a new one. You can buy a faucet and install it. Plus the operation cost of the master, the total is about 100 Can do it

  1. It is the easiest and most direct way to buy a renovated guillotine screw extractor online or in a hardware store. Screw the thread take-off into the thread buckle broken in the water pipe. Then use a wrench or pliers to fix the outer edge of the thread take-up, and slowly screw it in clockwise, then screw it out counterclockwise, which is very convenient.

The faucet installed in the decoration generally does not have its own water control function. Every time the pot is washed and the dishes are washed, the water is splashed everywhere due to the large pressure, and the closing is small and there is no washing impact, which is very inconvenient. At this time, you can install a 360-degree rotating faucet shower water-saving device and put it on the faucet. It is easy to solve the problem of water splashing and ensure the impact of washing things.

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