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The Difference Between Ordinary Faucet And Pull-Out Faucet

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Renovation is a very tedious and huge project. From tile floors to floor drains and other hardware, it is directly related to the quality of life after staying in the hotel. Take faucets, for example, the same faucets, ordinary faucets and the new pull-out kitchen faucets are completely different in the experience of using them.

The kitchen is where we use the faucet most frequently. Many people think that for a small faucet, just buy a regular faucet and don’t worry too much. But we ignore the fact that the faucet is used very frequently in our lives. Once there are problems such as congestion and low water flow, it will be very troublesome. If the quality of the ordinary faucet purchased is not up to par, the frequency of bad will be higher. Frequent replacement of faucets not only can not save money, but also bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to life. Therefore, it is better not to save on the faucet. Although the price of the pull-out faucet is higher, but it is more convenient to use than the ordinary faucet.

  1. Cleaning range is different. Ordinary faucets are fixed and can only clean fixed areas. And the pull-out faucet can not only pull out, but also rotate 360 degrees. It is more convenient to clean countertops and pots and pans.
  2. Different water dispensing modes. Ordinary faucets have only one spouting mode. The pull-out faucet has two discharge modes, which are column discharge (bubbling water) and spray discharge (sprinkler water). The sprinkler type has a large range of water and a gentle flow. It is suitable for washing vegetables and fruits without worrying about damaging them due to the water flow.
  3. Different practicality and comfort. Some pull-out faucets have an automatic water return function. After use, just release the tap and it will automatically return to the main body.Wowfaucet’s entire range of pull-out taps are equipped with a reflex control system that allows free pulling and automatic return after use. These are not available with normal faucets.

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