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The accessories that make up the faucet

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Faucet accessories include the faucet inside the spool, the outer valve body, the faucet handle, the inlet, and outlet hoses, as well as the filter, rubber parts and other miscellaneous parts.

Valve spool. Mainly controls the flow of water from the faucet by rotating it. The chassis of the faucet is divided into the single-control spool and double-control spool, but whether single or double-control, they have a maximum rotation angle of 90 degrees and an opening angle of about 20 degrees. The spool is the heart of the faucet. Generally, ceramic valve cores are the most durable, so be careful when buying them.

Hose. The hose is used to get water in and out of the faucet. It is usually made of metal. It mainly refers to the spiral bellows and the other type is the annular bellows. A faucet hose with a length of 50 cm is the most suitable. When buying a faucet hose, you should be careful not to buy an aluminum wire hose. In general, stainless steel hoses are the most practical.

Valve body. The valve body of a faucet refers to the entire appearance of the faucet. Today, there is an abundance of faucet valve body materials available in the market, including stainless steel valve bodies, brass valve bodies, and zinc alloy valve bodies. Among them, the stainless steel faucet valve body is the most commonly used, while the zinc alloy valve body is the best quality and cost-effective.

Cartridge. It is mainly used as a special tool for purifying water. It is used in general faucets. The cartridge separates solid particles from the liquid or gas, or comes into full contact with different substances to speed up the reaction time and protect the proper functioning of the equipment or clean air.

This faucet is really small and complete. We didn’t expect that a small faucet would have so many parts, it is the interplay between these parts that makes the faucet work properly and allows us to use water easily.


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