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Textured, Refined, Elegant, And Classy 170 Square Meter Elite Home!

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Textured Spaces

Sergey Makhno Architects’ new 170 m² private apartment at Obolon Residence in the residential district of Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Alexander Bokhan. The space has been carefully textured to emphasize taste and individuality, and to convey an “elitist” attitude to life.

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This is the final design for a young couple’s apartment, with the entire space in a combination of wood and grey. The overall design reveals a simple and generous, harmonious and natural color combination, and is very clean.

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The designer’s task was to create a modern and comfortable home. The interior has a warm color palette, a handcrafted lamp from serhii makhno’s ceramic workshop in the kitchen, and designer paneling in the bedrooms.

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Lots of hidden storage areas to keep the space clean. Most importantly, every morning or evening scene in this apartment has been carefully designed. An entrance with clean, hard lines. Invisible wardrobe, the designer used light grey, beige and black. Filling the space with light, in order to create a harmonious space in a minimalist style.

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The designer paid great attention to natural light. In the master bedroom, the designer makes use of natural and artificial lighting to make the most of the light source. Here, there is no contradiction between art and function. Comfortable and warm, atmospheric simplicity, interpreting the owner’s taste for the pursuit of beauty.

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The walk-in closet is modern and fashionable, so you don’t need to open all the closets to find one specific thing. Just walk into the room and it’s obvious that this plan will save time.

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The lack of excessive decoration is one of the main features of this bathroom. The subtle combination of natural textured stone and lighting elements give the space a vivid charm.

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The second bedroom is in light grey tones and is naturally remarkable. Delicate charm grows quietly in this room, so that the heart can be a moment of peace and sublimation.

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The bathroom adopts a fashionable and avant-garde background. The washbasin is exquisite and elegant, and the space is more artistic.

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The study is a mixture of hard and soft vertical and horizontal, rough and delicate. The contrast between materials makes the whole space feel like a high-class atmosphere.

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Alexander Bokhan

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Sergey Makhno Architects, Ukrainian design and architecture studio. Designing spaces from 0 square meters and creating new worlds meter by meter. In order to make the surroundings more beautiful, he turns design into art, not only for viewing, but also for living.


Other New Works


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Alexander Bokhan’s conceptual design of a seaside house, the practicality and binding of minimalism, elegant classical style and proven proportions, innovative and bold techniques in strict design. All this can be described in one word: neoclassical. This style of noble and restrained decoration does not look conservative – it is multifaceted and not afraid to innovate. But in order not to get the definition wrong, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of neoclassicism.

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As already mentioned, the fireplace is the center of the entire interior space. It is an integral part of the modern classic interior, without which the style would not be what it is. In addition to performing aesthetic functions, the fireplace is also a warm home. Not only does it heat the space, but it also brings the entire family together around itself. Chat with family and friends. It’s great to have a nice cup of tea and watch the bonfire from the living room!

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Neoclassicism absorbs the essence of the classics and boasts ornate decorations of arches, antique columns, marble, crystal branch chandeliers, molding, candlesticks, sculptures and mirrors. The stucco molding will serve as a special decoration that will enchant even the indifferent observer.

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The use of natural materials in combination with modern materials is one of the features that distinguish the modern classic interior style from classic conservatism. Thus, marble, granite, ceramic and tuff will be excellent natural additives, even if perfectly combined with simple plastics. Parquet is ideal for floors, and ceilings can be decorated with decorative panels under the trees. No matter what room you have, whether it is an old house or a brand new apartment with panoramic windows, this method will work everywhere.

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As an integral part of the interior of the 18th and 19th centuries, capitone was embodied in neoclassicism and gained popularity. If earlier it was mainly armchairs and sofas that were sewn, for example the famous Chesterfield. Nowadays it involves wall panels, tiles, mattresses and even piping exteriors.

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For the area that divides the interior space of the apartment in a modern classical way, it was necessary here to abandon a large number of small rooms and create one large room. This will be the condition center of the whole work, as well as a spacious living room. This combination of rooms should allow a smooth transition from one room to the other. Round and half columns can distinguish the area well and doors can be replaced with arches or half arches.

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This article is republished from: Milan Design Tour ID: Milano04

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