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Swapping out a bathroom sink drain and pop-up

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Swapping out a toilet sink drain and pop-up

What all is concerned in eradicating and changing the drain and pop-up meeting on the backside of the lavatory sink?

And may you do it for those who’re not changing the tap, as nicely?

The reply is sure, you’ll be able to substitute simply the drain and pop-up meeting by itself. Whereas this meeting is often included with a brand new faucet, you can also get it individually at most house enchancment shops and different retailers that promote plumbing provides. Alternative is nicely inside the capabilities of any DIY’er.

Out with the previous

First, let’s eliminate the previous stuff. Begin by clearing out the realm underneath the lavatory sink (and possibly doing a little bit of spring cleansing whilst you’re at it!). Place a bucket underneath the lure, loosen the 2 nuts that maintain the lure in place, and take away it, permitting the water within the lure to empty into the bucket. Save the lure meeting — you’ll reuse that later.

Now search for on the backside of the sink, and establish the components. Working from the underside up, you’ll first see a protracted steel or plastic pipe that went into the lure, which is known as a tailpiece. That’s connected to a steel piece popping out of the sink, which is the drain physique. On the backside of the sink you’ll see a nut, steel washer and rubber washer that maintain the drain physique in place. Contained in the sink is a beveled steel piece on the very backside which screws into the drain physique, known as the drain flange. Popping out of the tailpiece is a rod, ball and pivot meeting, that prompts the stopper you see within the sink.

Loosen the nut holding the pivot meeting in place, and take away it. There may additionally be a thumbscrew or a spring clip holding the rod in place. Take away all of that, as nicely. Loosen the massive nut holding the drain physique to the underside of the sink, and faucet up on the tailpiece to loosen the flange from the sink backside. Fastidiously unscrew the flange from the drain physique, which is able to enable the remainder of the meeting to drop via the sink so you’ll be able to take away it. Discard all of those previous components.

Fastidiously clear up and take away any previous putty, sealant, gasket materials, cleaning soap movie or different particles, each from above and under the sink. You’ll need these areas to be clear and dry for the brand new set up.

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