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Streamline Shape + Italian Style, The Essence Of Minimal And Refined Space丨GND Enjia Design

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According to the victory of the landscape, it is the only clear person

Where the gods are set, here we can find the truth

The mountain has the weather of Penglai, the water has the wind of Yingzhou, and the people are Ge Tianmin

I can play with the old purple chi, I can recite all the peach spring

Flowers in four seasons, wine in a thousand days, clouds in a stream

Looking back at the turbid world, there is no place without red dust

Xu Youren’s “Song of Water Tunes – The Scenic Spot of Xiao Ducheng’s Mountain and Water

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The design incorporates the process of “acquaintance” to “integration” between people into the space, rubs the peace of nature into the space, and materializes the power of design, which is quiet, introverted and tense, so that people can “know” and “enjoy” this place comfortably and relaxingly.



First Look

The grass and flowers by the Zhuque Bridge, the sunset at the entrance of Wuyi Lane

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Reception Hall

Minimalism, refinement and essence welcome you, as if walking between two parallel worlds, half quiet and distant, half timeless atmosphere, strolling down along the floor glass and daylight, just like entering the temple of art ……




As if wandering in the tranquil Wutong Avenue

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▲Sandbox area

The light fixture shape is flexible and floating, lightly dancing under the light and shadow, the tall internal control accommodates its every move, showing the beauty of the curve, the artistic sense is in this avenue with vigor, lighting up the quality of life, lighting up the love in the heart, lighting up the choice of the future.

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▲Lamp interpretation




Nanjing is called “the cultural hub of the world” and “the first school of southeast”.

The beauty of the capital city flows in the ancient masterpieces, but also inculcates the present.

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640 9 19▲In-depth negotiation area

The combination of the sofa with the sense of lines, which meets the comfort of vision and feeling, also meets the demand of functional use and flexibility of the site.

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The classic simple streamline shape and Italian aristocratic style have been leading the trend of the lighting market, illuminating the user’s past and present while also allowing the user to see a brilliant future.




Nanjing, the history dissolved in nature, the

The four seasons and the humanistic heritage are in perfect harmony.640 12 17

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The structure and perspective constitute “various spaces”, and the light and shadow dance freely through the glass, spilling on the golden walls of the building, which is inexplicable and unjudgmental.

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▲The warm-up area for creation

The wandering lines find a home here, large areas of gray and fresh and gentle green tones cruise in the space, louvers around the glass façade, sunlight scattered in by the seams, a side of the long table placed on the aromatherapy ware, at this moment, you can nestle in the sofa to enjoy leisure, but also can fiddle with time.

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▲VIP Room 丨Through Art, Dialogue Comfort

The designer studied the “simple aesthetics” of Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen and the “simple meets classic” design approach of French interior designer Joseph Dirand, using rustic decorative materials and soft colors to create an interior atmosphere with a sense of modern design and a sense of natural breathing, warm and private, close to your own relaxed soul at the moment in silence.

Project Information

Project Name: Nanjing – Mid-Levels Cloud Residence

Developer: Qixia Construction, Dafabet Group

Hard furnishing design: GND Design Group, Enjia Design

Soft furnishing design: GND Design Group Enjia Design

Design Director: Ning Rui

Design Team: Shanshan Xu, Ning He, Chengzhou

Special thanks: Yang Xiang, Xu Le

Project Address: Nanjing, Jiangsu

Design area: 600㎡

Completion date: December 2020

Photography agency: Yanming Photography Studio

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GND Design Group is composed of three brands of interior design, soft furnishing design and landscape design, adhering to the global design orientation, more than 110 professional design teams serve real estate developers and government departments with excellent pursuit, providing interior design, soft furnishing design and landscape design services, design industry types include: developer exhibition area planning, sales offices and clubs, high-end residential real estate, residential industry standardization, urban complexes, educational institutions, star hotels and boutique hotels, etc., dedicated to the realization of quality human life.

With rigorous design logic and professional integration ability, the company helps partners to determine the specific positioning of products, design planning and implementation, and provide optimal design solutions. At the same time, as a dream builder and pioneer of urban habitat, we develop a standardized system according to the different situations of our clients and assist them in establishing or improving the design management and operation standards of interior and landscape design.

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GND Design Group Enjia Design Team

More than ten years of experience in real estate interior design, coordinating project decoration design and soft furnishing design control. We are well versed in real estate related processes and have unique insights into the planning of the showcase area. We combine the positioning of the client, dig deep into the connotation and story of the property, and show the value of design and the aspiration for a better life to the client through the showcase area model house.

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