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Shane Roybal and 54th Place Investments now premier new home developer in Denver – Press Release

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Shane Roybal and 54th Place Investments now premier new home developer in Denver – Press Release

CEO Shane Roybal takes Denver-based 54th Place Investments to new heights following a series of recent successes in the bustling Colorado capital’s thriving real estate market.

WHEAT RIDGE, CO / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 / From partnering with a leading local construction company to securing a record price for a custom new build in one of the area’s most sought-after neighborhoods, under founder and CEO Shane Roybal, 54th Place Investments continues to go from strength to strength. Now a little over five years in the making, the organization is today regarded as one of the Midwest’s top modern home developers, and Denver’s premier new design-build firm.

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“Our projects embody a vision of modern luxury. Here in the Denver-Metro area, most developers build traditional homes with contemporary accents. While you can find many beautiful contemporary style homes in the area, our Denver niche favors a European-modern appeal, with bright, neutral palettes, ample natural light and exposed organic materials,” explains 54th Place Investments CEO Shane Roybal. “It’s a combination of both artistry and real estate development expertise.”

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Shane Roybal and 54th Place Investments’ unique approach to real estate investing, he says, involves a mix of design-build and residential development. Custom home builds and semi-customized spec projects make up the larger majority of their work, in addition to multi-family projects and the occasional renovation or addition when requested. Indeed, Shane Roybal and 54th Place Investments can offer a broad depth of knowledge and expertise, specializing in the Denver Metropolitan Area’s thriving residential market. “We design, build, buy, and fund both single-family and multi-family properties,” Roybal explains, “yielding incredible returns on each of our carefully considered investments.”

Now considered the area’s premier new home developer, 54th Place Investments’ projects are widely praised for their unique designs and exceptional levels of quality. The most recent semi-custom spec home in Denver-a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 4,200-square-foot custom new build property in the neighborhood of Sloan’s Lake-sold in late July for $2,000,000 – a record for the area, according to Shane Roybal.

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With CEO Shane Roybal at its helm, 54th Place Investments not long ago partnered with leading local builder Superior Image Construction, whose residential and multi-family experience is the perfect complement for the 54th Place portfolio with an unparalleled level of quality-control and design standards. Together, the two are set to take on larger multi-family projects and work with local investors in a combination of design-build construction support.

Involved in real estate and construction since 2005, Shane Roybal established 54th Place Investments in 2014 to focus solely on top quality, high-end projects. CEO Shane Roybal holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder. During his time at the public research university-the flagship of the University of Colorado system-Roybal also simultaneously led as President, a pair of popular engineering societies at the institution.

With a passion for community presence, Shane Roybal has also served as the head of the Midwest region chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, covering Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, among a wealth of other personal and professional achievements.





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