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Save water start with the faucet

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  1. Faucets with built-in spools mostly use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valve is sturdy and durable, with strong pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring used for sealing is easy to wear out and will soon age. The ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, and the ceramic valve spool tap, feel more comfortable and smooth, can achieve a high number of open resistance. And it opens and closes quickly, solving the problem of running, emerging, dripping.
  2. Traditional old-fashioned faucet, the water pipe is easy to rust, will pollute the water quality. When used early, the yellow water stored in the pipes needs to be drained first. Stainless steel and copper faucets and water pipes will not rust. In addition, copper faucets have antiseptic and disinfectant properties and are health care products.
  3. When the hand reaches under the faucet, the faucet will open automatically. When the hand leaves, the faucet will automatically close. This is an automatic water-saving faucet. However, not all automatic faucets have a water-saving feature. Some faucets are slow to respond due to poor quality. When the hand closes, the water is slow. When the hand leaves, it closes very slowly but the white water drops a lot. Therefore, it is best to carry out a field test when buying these types of faucets to keep a strict check on them.bathroom water tap 2 1
  4. On a normal day, if you pay attention, you will notice that the faucets of high grade faucets are as soft and comfortable as a mist of water and do not splash around. The secret weapon of these types of faucets is the addition of a bubbler, which allows the water flowing through it to mix well with the air, giving the water flow a foaming effect. With the addition of air, the water rushes much more efficiently, thus effectively reducing water consumption.
  5. Recently, some high end bathroom brands have introduced self-charging sensor faucets that use water to solve their own electrical power. Inside the faucet is a computer board and a hydro-generator, plus an infrared sensor to create a complete system. Reaching your hand under the faucet, the sensor sends a signal to the computer board in the faucet to turn on the water supply. When the water flows, it generates electricity, which is recharged by the hydro-generator to provide its own power. This faucet can also automatically restrict the flow of water to save water and electricity.

Protecting the environment is something we all need to do. Conserving water is a must. There are so many places where our faucets can save water. Therefore, if we are mindful, our environment will be better. Conserving water starts from you and me.

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