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Redefining Understatement And Luxury, Interpreting Art-Like Exquisite Space | TT Design

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When design style and luxury meet

we use a modern perspective

Redefine understatement and new luxury

Performing exquisite space like artwork





Minimal lines, exquisite and understated furniture

Square living and dining room, large floor-to-ceiling windows

Satisfy your desire for poetic life and sunshine

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Comfortable neutral tones precipitate a modern luxury with its own sense of sophistication

Light and shadow coexist, shadow and beauty intertwine

Presenting a relaxed and elegant attitude of life

Here, every detail comes with its own visual focus

Leather, marble, metal, fabric, with strength in calmness

The rich spatial layers and the natural and smooth design aesthetics are dense

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The exquisite tableware awakens the taste of food, and the greenery brings the natural spring breeze.

Time slows down at this moment

This is a delicate enjoyment close to the aroma of nature

It is also a sense of sacred life ritual in the busy city life

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Sleeping in the starry night and waking up in the hopeful sunrise

Warm materials, metallic ornaments

Simple chandelier, and comfortable and soft touch

Bringing elegance and simplicity, lazy and low-key but not losing the exquisite quality

Decorative painting means that the life we love will shine brightly in the end

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Transparent glass door closet, multi-functional storage cabinet, staggered arrangement of living objects

The sophisticated modeling is another pleasant scenery under the light.

Large to see the rigid, fine to see the soft

In the quiet, show the low-key luxury and elegant quality of life

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From the lively and lovely decorative ornaments

to the paintings of Yoshitomo Nami, who is full of inner rebellion and stubbornness

As you can see, the whole space fits well with the personality and unique artistic girl’s temperament.

The romantic nest of this artistic girl

is the imagination and love of art

It is a curious and brave attitude towards the world

It is also the best hope of parents for their children

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The first migratory birds, the countless raging waves, the first light spilling over nature, the endless magnificent sea

In all things, time has its own laws

We, too, are travelers wandering in time

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A large area of simple white background wall brings the white space for quiet reflection, creating a personal and exclusive space for creation and enjoyment of life.

A click of the camera brings the gift of life

Because, the image will remember everything we have experienced

Our lives that deserve to be recorded





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we meet an elegant and sophisticated way of life

We also taste a self-indulgent attitude of life.


Project Name | Hua Xia Four Seasons A2 plot 205 model house

Party Unit | Yunnan Huaxia Excellence Real Estate Co.

Project Address | Yunnan. Kunming

Principal Designers | Chen Weiwen, Wang Hongwei

Designer | Yu Huizhen

Design Area | 180 square meters.

Completion Date | April 2021

Soft Decoration Designers | Shenzhen TT Decoration Design Co.

Artistic furniture customization | TT DESIGN Product Development Department

Photographer | RICCI Space Photography



TT DESIGN (Shenzhen TT Decoration Design Co., Ltd.) specializes in providing top-notch custom interior design, furnishing design and professional consulting services for property developers, hotel management companies, businessmen and celebrities. It is the top service provider of “British-style butler” interior design in China. Since its inception in 2011, TT DESIGN has been working on projects in 65 cities. It has completed more than 300 high-quality projects and won nearly 100 awards from domestic and international authorities. It has been highly recognized by well-known real estate developers and international hotel management groups such as Huaxia Happiness, Fancy Year, Jinmao, Longguang, Jiazhaoye, Excellence, Kingkey, China Merchants Property, Hilton, Accor, Starwood, IHG, etc.

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Wayman Chen

Founder and Chief Designer of TT Design

Mr. Wayman Chen is the founder of TT Design. With more than 20 years of experience in high-end space design, he has made a lot of achievements in the business fields of private residence, clubhouse, hotel and showroom. He has provided professional design services for HILTON Hilton, ACCOR Accor, RAFFLES Raffles, IHG Intercontinental and other international famous brand hotel management groups to create excellent value. He is well known in the industry for his achievements.


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Wang Hongwei VIvi

Co-founder of TT Design, Chief Designer of soft furnishings

As a partner of TT Design, Ms. Wang Hongwei is one of the top ten soft furnishing designers in Greater China and an internationally registered senior interior designer. She has presided over the design projects of high-end brand hotels such as HILTON, ACCOR, STAR.WOOD, RAFFLES, IHG and MARRIOTT. Her careful and conscientious work attitude is highly praised by the owners. Her keen aesthetic perspective and diversified creative thinking continue to create surprises in the field of space design.

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