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Pure White And Original Wood Color Scheme, Return To The Simplicity And Purity Of Home | First Space Design Chengdu

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Owner: “I didn’t have much expectation for this house, maybe it’s just a house for retirement. But your design makes me feel that I have expectations for it. It makes me feel that my future life can listen to the night rain through the window, and there is a picture of birds and flowers.” This is perhaps the meaning of design itself. I can’t help but think of a line from “Wandering Earth”: “Hope is something more valuable than diamonds in this era”.



①This case is located in Wuhou District, Chengdu City, the first time we communicate with the male homeowner, a man full of determination in warmth. Currently the permanent homeowner is alone, his daughter and wife are out of town and occasionally come home for a short stay. Although his family is not around at the moment, the owner is still determined to redecorate the house. He wanted his family to have a warm and comfortable home that was waiting for them when they came home. After settling on a design, the female homeowner expressed that the male homeowner had the final say in the renovation. For this decision we felt the warm and harmonious side of this family, which also made our later design work go forward much smoother.

②After we received the commission for this case, we reorganized the original space layout and reorganized the master bedroom and the daughter’s multifunctional room (temporarily the daughter’s study). The design uses a lot of pure white and original wood colors to create a comfortable and relaxing log living space.



Entrance hall

The left hand side of the entrance is the shoe changing area, a mirror to the end of the space through the sense of space, so that the space feels more comfortable and bright. In order to increase the interaction of the space, the kitchen uses the sliding glass door of Changhong. This allows for dialogue and interaction between two different spaces.

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Dining Room

The dining room is designed with natural materials, using the softest colors and the most realistic textures to express the most simple life. The chic linear chandelier creates a comfortable and elegant dining environment.

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The dining room is designed on the side of the living room, making a whole guest dining room. The dining area is as rustic and pure as the homeowner’s own temperament. The meal is as simple as life, because of the originality and the root.

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Living room

The living room has no complicated decorations or gorgeous shapes, but it presents a distinctive beauty that brings life back to its original simplicity. The pure space makes people calm and relaxed inside, removing impatience and returning to the essence of life.

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The open view and abundant sunlight, as well as the unobstructed outdoor garden view. It not only strengthens the dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces, but also makes the home space look more refreshing and natural.

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Study & Bedroom

A full moon and a good book are enough to spend a cozy leisure time.

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The window in the chair was designed by us after pushing out the wall. The outdoor garden is well-lit, and with the change of light, all parts of the room are swept by the warmth of sunlight.

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The desk is separated from the master bedroom bed, and the seemingly transparent haze adds to the beauty of the space.

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The design of the bedroom adheres to the unified tone without superfluous decorative piles. A large bed, a wooden wall, and the interweaving of light and shadow in a dappled dream, will decorate the tranquil atmosphere is very charming.

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Daughter’s room

Home is not only a place to live, but also a harbor for the soul. The client’s daughter is studying in Beijing, and the room of the daughter is the most important to the client during the house plan communication. Although the daughter flew farther and farther because of her study and work, we felt the strong love for her as a parent during the communication process, which also made us pay extra attention to the design of the program. It is one of the happiness of being a designer to convey love through the hand of design.

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The custom-made cabinets occupy three walls to achieve the maximum storage effect and meet the homeowner’s storage needs. The combination of white and light gray is full of texture and convenient for the homeowner to take care of.

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The secondary bathroom area with the faux wood grain tiles in the public area is clean and full of calmness and comfort. The white wooden partition, plus the simple shape of the sink. The interplay of light and shadow makes the space more dynamic.

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Mirror cabinets, hidden lights with the fine texture of wall tiles, mixed together to create the ink painting flavor.

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Bring a friend or two to gossip with in the garden and savor the beauty and fullness of life.

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The wicker table and chairs around the garden, taking a piece of leisure in the downtown, are cozy and satisfying.

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 ▲Original structure drawing

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 ▲Floor plan


Project / Name

Project Name / Love Dialogue

Project / Area

Project Area / 158㎡

Project / Landing Time

Project Time / 2020.12

Design / Chengdu First Space Design


Design / Creative Director

Creative Director / Zhang Yue

Design / Design Executive

Design Director / Li Hailong Luo Xin

Article / Typesetting

Editing / SAC

Photography / Photographer

Photography / That Puyu


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From the meaning of “the first heart is like one


First Space | always insists on doing design with attitude, and strives to deeply study the emotional relationship between people and people, people and space, emphasizing function and weakening style.

First Space | has been exploring the perfect combination of visual, functional, emotional spirit and the owner’s temperament to realize the personalization, exclusivity and high quality of living space.

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Principal: Zhang Yue


First Space is a design concept of “people-oriented”, First Space believes that design style is not the root of the existence of design, but the life of the people living in it, the extension of the spiritual world. First Space believes that the design style is not the root of the existence of design, but the life of the people living in it and the extension of the spiritual world is the essence of space design. At the same time, First Space also believes that design should be an expression of emotion, and that it is important to move and illuminate people’s hearts. Therefore, First Space always believes in using our design to warm the world and spread the power of design that touches people’s hearts. At the same time, for different customer needs and spaces, what we can do is to treat each space well, so that the people who use the space are treated well, respected, humanized and comfortable enough. Respect the habits of each user of the space and lead a better life. The possibility of opening a door to a higher quality of life and finding a better way of life than the present with our clients.

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